Who Created Qanon?

Who Created Qanon?

Who Created Qanon? That is a very interesting perplexing question I had to try to answer. As an anarchist I often times ignore many news stories, including topics of discussion relating to politics.

However, I briefly investigated Q also known as Qanon and was a bit surprised to learn that this online alleged whistle blower may have been based off an anarchist book believe it or not. Luther Blissett was an anarchist book written in 1999 by a group of anarchists in Italy. I was able to trace back and find the original post by Qanon.

Qanon was originally known as Q. The addition of anon represents Q’s followers. Supposedly, the first ever post was created by Q Clearance Patriot.

Q clearance is actually a government top secret security clearance that the Department of Energy uses. This top secret security clearance is similar that some military men have. Q supposedly is a government and or military whistle blower.

Where have we heard this narrative before? Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, etc. I found the first ever Q post fascinating.

The post is verbatim below:

HRC detained, not arrested (yet).
Where is Huma? Follow Huma.
This has nothing to do w/ Russia (yet).
Why does Potus surround himself w/ generals?
What is military intelligence?
Why go around the 3 letter agencies?
What Supreme Court case allows for the use of MI v Congressional assembled and approved agencies?
Who has ultimate authority over our branches of military w\o approval conditions unless 90+ in wartime conditions?
What is the military code?
Where is AW being held? Why?
POTUS will not go on TV to address nation.
POTUS must isolate himself to prevent negative optics.
POTUS knew removing criminal rogue elements as a first step was essential to free and pass legislation.
Who has access to everything classified?
Do you believe HRC, Soros, Obama etc have more power than Trump? Fantasy.
Whoever controls the office of the Presidency controls this great land.
They never believed for a moment they (Democrats and Republicans) would lose control.
This is not a R v D battle.
Why did Soros donate all his money recently?
Why would he place all his funds in a RC?
Mockingbird 10.30.17.
God bless fellow Patriots.

Talk about riddled with guilt. I mean riddle after riddle after riddle. Q is now known as Qanon and posts on Twitter and 8chan. Also, there is a Youtube channel with alleged “official” Qanon material.

Q stopped posting on 4chan and began posting on 8chan. There are many different explanations for who Q really is. One explanation is that some leftists created the Q character so that they could label the right wing as conspiracy nuts. I do definitely think that this is yet another democrat versus republican divide in conquer duality.

Even in Q’s first post it was obvious to me that this was a left versus right battle even though Q claimed the opposite. Nobody knows who the original Q was or is. This alleged whistle blower has been anonymous.

Some Internet users postulate that Q is multiple people. One interesting view point and theory is that Qanon is actually Michael Aquino that helped write the From Psyop to Mindwar The Psychology of Victory document. I have no idea who or whom the real Q or Qanon is.

However, my suspicions that this character is a creation of the system. We are given false leaders time after time and yet the system never changes. Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden are just three examples of false leadership.

Qanon has exploded with popularity. Media whore propagandists are even reporting about Qanon. There are some Donald “Chump” Trump supporters that are wearing Qanon t-shirts to his rallies.

I just have to mention Isaac Kappy. Isaac is another alleged whistle blower of hollyweird pedophilia. However, in one of his Periscope.TV videos he was wearing a Department of Energy hat. I am not saying that this proves anything.

However, when I study the system I look for clues. Alex Jones has claimed that Donald J. Trump is fighting pedophilia. Allegedly, he or the United States government military has 25,000 sealed indictments exclusively for pedophilia.

Where are all these indictments? Also, where are all these arrests that were going to occur based off these indictments? I never thought that Donald J. Trump was legitimate.

Once such theory is that Donald J. Trump himself is Q or Qanon. Donald J. Trump attended a military academy and Fordham Jesuit University. I am suspicious that he is a nefarious Jesuit.

Also, Donald J. Trump’s own biological father was a Ku Klux Klan member. Why would a billionaire like Donald “Chump” Trump bite the hand that feeds him with all those a fore mentioned connections. I am not normally one that will quickly follow any one ideology or individual.

I have heard about Qanon but never really was curious enough to read into, pun intended their threads. Finally, I became curious because I noticed the mainstream propaganda media whores started mentioning Q and Qanon. Donald J. Trump is supposed to become our hero and fight the evil empire.

One such explanation is that the American military recruited Donald J. Trump to create a revolutionary coup and fight the evil system. I see no such change in American society. Very little has changed over the past two years studying the system.

As a matter of fact, the system continues to churn away and cause massive problems. Censorship in America is becoming and increasing problem. There are over 800 United States military bases in foreign lands.

This assumption that Chump er I mean Donald J. Trump is our savior is completely comical to me. Every four to eight years the system carts out a horse that we are supposed to bet on. Every four to eight years that same race horse breaks his leg down the stretch.

You can believe these are just coincidences. However, that does not mean I have to believe in them. Who created Qanon?

That is an excellent question I may never be able to answer.

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Donald Trump – Blocks Twitter Users Violating US Constitution

Donald J Trump

UPDATE: 8/16/2018

The white supremacist puppet potus president Donald J. Trump or “Chump” or “Drumpf” is violating the United States of America CONstitution by having people blocked on his official Twitter account. A federal judge in New York City ruled that Drumpf was violating the first amendment redress of grievances clause. The judge was a female named Naomi Reice Buchwald.

There was around 150 Twitter accounts blocked from viewing the official Donald J. Trump twitter feed. There might have been hundreds more blocked that have not yet been verified. The Department of injustice had sixty days to appeal this decision.

Publicly, individuals from this fraudulent government military bureaucracy actually were opposed to this judge’s decision supporting the first amendment. This is another long list of examples of how hypocritical Americans really are. Most Americans to me are communist socialist control freak fundamentalist cock roaches.

As is proverbial with puppets and white people, Donald J. Drumpf Chump Trump has actually since violated this federal decision. Whomever controls the official Donald J. Trump has NOT unblocked everyone that was initially blocked.

The original 7 plaintiffs in this lawsuit has since been unblocked. Also, members of the puppet theater administration were also blocked by the official Donald J. Trump Twitter account. Yes, you read that correctly, hilariously some of Trump’s own administration team were blocked.

There are claims from numerous individuals on the Internet that they are still being blocked by the official Donald J. Trump twitter account. Three members of the sham known as the United States Justice department filed an appeal to this judge’s ruling on June 5 2018. This is another prime example of government military hypocrisy.

The United States government military does NOT support free speech, otherwise they would NOT block people that they disagreed with and certainly no government bureaucracy would infringe on free speech. No fucking real government bureaucracy would appeal this type of decision. You must understand that most Americans to me are heavily indoctrinated and actually believe they are free.

I could not find any mention of this appeal on the Justice.org website. I am NOT surprised by this lack of information. The United States government military also does not believe in transparency.

Keep everything a secret. Do NOT allow the serfs to become suspicious of your actions. The Department of Justice has always been corrupt and criminal.

Donald J. Trump the current puppet Potus United States of America government military president has violated the United States CONstitution by blocking American citizens on the Twitter.com. I have no idea if he even maintains his own Twitter account. For all I know he may have a public relations person control his Twitter account.

Anyways, the first amendment of the white mans United States CONstitution stipulates that the serfs, I mean citizenry has a right to a redress of grievances.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I do NOT support the white man and his CONstitution. The CONstitution to me actually controls you and allows the government military to maintain control over you. Anyways, since Donald J. Trump ran for public office that automatically makes him a politician.

Read what the definition of a politician means. American citizen serfs are supposed to be given a chance to redress their grievances with the terrorist organization known as the United States government military. Since Donald J. Trump blocked multiple people on Twitter.com then perhaps this would be violating the first amendment of the United States of America CONstitution.

One organization decided to sue on behalf of 7 people that were blocked on Twitter by the clown Donald “Chump” Trump. His real last name is most likely Drumpf. Also, his father was a ku klux klan member.

Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University filed a federal lawsuit in a Southern District of New York court.

“President Trump’s Twitter account has become an important source of news and information about the government and an important forum for speech by, to, or about the president. The First Amendment applies to this digital forum in the same way it applies to town halls and open school board meetings. The White House acts unlawfully when it excludes people from this forum simply because they’ve disagreed with the president.”

Jameel Jaffer

Executive Director of the Knight Institute

Ironically, a fucking police officer was blocked on Twitter.com by the official Donald J. Trump Twitter account. This is fucking hilarious to me. I have no idea who would follow Donald J. Trump on Twitter.

I do NOT waste much time with the circus puppet theater known as politics. Politicians to me are pathological liars who appease we the serf with their lies so that we think they are really fighting hard for our freedom, when in all actuality they are really fighting hard to keep us controlled and serfs. I am a bit skeptical of all this since a major university like Columbia University is involved.

I had never heard of the Knight Institute. Also, you really might want to study foundations. Many times they are not was is perceived initially.

Here are the names of the initial 7 people that are part of this federal lawsuit:

* Rebecca Buckwalter
* Philip Cohen
* Eugene Gu
* Brandon Neely
* Nicholas Pappas
* Joseph Papp
* Holly Figueroa

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From Psyop to Mindwar The Psychology of Victory Document

From Psyop to Mindwar The Psychology of Victory

I stumbled upon, no pun intended, an interesting government military document. An “ex” United States military terrorist by the name of Michael Aquino wrote From Psyop to Mindwar The Psychology of Victory. Michael Aquino had help drafting this military document from another United States military terrorist Paul E. Vallely.

Paul served in the United States Army. Michael Aquino served in the United States Army as well. As a matter of fact he specialized in Psychological Warfare.

These two clowns both served in the Vietnam War. Michael has an interesting resume. He actually created the lunatic religious group called the Temple of Set.

He was a high level member of the Church of Satan. Michael even became a professor at Golden Gate University, which is located in San Francisco, California. This military document basically outlines warfare against the United States citizenry.

I am not surprised by this document one iota. As a matter of fact perhaps the United States military have been at war against the citizenry since this continent norte America was stolen from the indigenous. This document claims that Psychological operations are not allowed to be perpetrated against American Citizens.

Instead of using Psychological operations the United States military uses mind war tactics. This to me is Semantical in nature. I definitely think the United States government military perpetrated psychological operations on Americans.

Also, the United States government military still perpetrates psychological operations on American soil. Why the fuck would the United States military dictatorship NOT perform these types of activities. After all other nation states use similar tactics against their serfs.

Americans to me are more dangerous than the German citizens during Nazi Germany. They actually think the government military is benevolent. There are some individuals that claim there may be a connection between the mindwars military doctrine and Alex Jones.

Alex Jones Infowars motto is “Because there is a war on for your mind”. I noticed on his website that this motto has since been removed. However, I quit listening to Alex Jones way back in 2009, as I concluded that he is controlled opposition.

I would have no idea when he removed his motto were it not for the Internet Archive.org way back machine. According to my intelligence gathering, the Infowars.com logo was altered sometime between approximately 0300 AM and 0933 AM on November 6, 2015. The motto “Because there is a war on for your mind” was removed from the logo according to the Internet Archive way back machine.

The From Psyop to Mindwar The Psychology of Victory discusses how the United States government military lost the psychological operations war in Vietnam. This document also discusses how allegedly psychological operations are not supposed to become used on American soil. However, mind wars could be used against American citizens on their own abstract nation state.

I find this document fascinating. The full official version copy of this document is actually available on the Internet Archive.org website. I think it would be extremely productive for you to read this document at least once.

This document is only ten total pages in length so it will NOT take too much of your time. I find it interesting that according to this document using violent savage behavior for example, bombs, bullets, grenades, etc is actually a last resort according to the largest terrorist organization, the United States government military. Mindwars are supposed to take place and precedence before any physical force.

If a Mind War fails then the use of physical force is justified. This term “Mind War” was supposedly created by Michael Aquino and another United States government military terrorist named Richard Sutter in 1977. This term was in reference to the movie Star Wars.

Also, this term was than designed to replace the military term psychological operations. Michael Aquino even wrote a story title “The Dark Side” that referenced Mind War and Richard Sutter. Michael Acquino claims that mindwar was used against both Iraqi citizens and American Citizens during the Gulf War in 1991 and Iraq War in 2003.

I do NOT consider either of those United States military interventions wars. As a matter of fact I consider them invasions by terrorists. This document claims that the Vietnamese used superior psychological operations against the United States military, hence the Vietnam War was lost by the United States.

The Vietnam War according to my studies was based off of lie(s). Once again I disagree to a certain extent with the use of the term war. Vietnam was an invasion based upon numerous United States military lies.

I digress back to this military document. What I find extremely interesting is that Mind War was to replace Psychological Operations. However, in the American lexicon the term Psychological Operations is obsessively used.

However, I rarely hear anyone on the Internet use the term Mind War. My fundamental question is why has the new term Mind War not become part of the American lexicon? Perhaps the continual use of Psychological Operations is intentional so as not to expose the use of Mind Wars against both American citizens and other nation state serfs?

“Mind War is the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war.”

This document admits that the United States media is part of Mind Wars. The United States media whore propagandists are to become deployed in order to fight a mind war internationally. According to this military document, a perfect Mind War is one in which no physical force is used and no humans perish.

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Sustainable Neighborhood Network Agenda 21 2030 Propaganda

Sustainable Neighborhood Network

I recently stumbled upon an interesting government program called sustainable neighborhood network. This communist socialist collective garbage reeks of United Nations Agenda 21 and United Nations Agenda 2030. This garbage is straight out of the Hollyweird movie The Truman Show.

Thank dog that I am NOT religious and that I do NOT live in any of these neighborhoods. Most of these neighborhoods are chalk full of American capitalistic whores anyways. Many of these neighborhoods are full of uppity self absorbed snobby translucent cretins.

I had never heard of this organization until I was studying the Baker Historic District in Denver, Colorado. I actually have not heard of a lot of neighborhoods in Denver since I am anti social. These bureaucratic clowns are using talking points straight out of United Nations Agenda 21 and United Nations Agenda 2030.

The United Nations is obsessed with that stupid term sustainability. Planet Earth is already self sustainable. However, when you begin to read literature from even smaller organizations like sustainable neighborhood network, you quickly find out that actually to me these are scams to control you.

They seduce you by promising credits in exchange for your serf labor. These types of scams have been perpetrated by governments for centuries. Many individuals now think that in the future United Nations carbon credits will become a source of money.

This to me is blatant communism straight out of the Communist Manifesto. They get you to buy into their government bullshit in exchange for some fucking stupid lousy credits. What they are doing is brain washing you into following orders.

This is a list of the following Denver neighborhoods participating in this garbage:

* West Colfax
* Chaffee Park Regis
* North City Park
* Barnum
* Villa Park
* Green Valley Ranch
* East Colfax
* Congress Park
* Highland
* La Alma-Lincoln Park
* Greater Park Hill
* Baker
* La Alma-Lincoln Park
* Harvey Park
* Stapleton

I would recommend boycotting all these neighborhoods if you were to live in Denver, Colorado. One of the goals of this organization is to reduce resident’s ecological footprint. This is straight out of United Nations Agenda 21 and United Nations Agenda 2030.

The only difference is semantics. The United Nations wants you to reduce your carbon footprint. Carbon is a very important aspect of the planet.

If you participate in this communism you are paid quarterly credits. However, these credits are not paid out to individual volunteers. Each neighborhood receives these credits.

This also sounds like free labor. They scam you into using your time and labor, but you do not receive any tangible goods in return. This organization also endorses neighborhood bike rides.

This is the same kind of tactics the Chinese government has used. I am not making any of my assertions up. Why do you think so many Chinese citizens ride their bikes?

The Chines government military wants them to only use bicycles as a mode of transportation. Granted many of them are so poor perhaps they can only afford a bicycle. I encourage you to read some of the United Nations Agenda 21 and United Nations agenda 2030 documents.

You may interpret that garbage different then me and even interpret scams that I do NOT. However, I think most individuals that love being truly free will notice the actual real agenda. The real agenda behind organizations like the United Nations and even sustainable neighborhood program is to control you forever.

They have to lie to you. They have to market sustainable neighborhoods as being good for the environment. They have to seduce you into using your free time to perform labor for their fucking lazy asses.

Also, this is a great way for these communist socialist cockroaches to control your every move. The main categories for this organization are:

* energy
* air
* water
* land
* people

Let me quickly comment on these areas. Energy is plentiful because according to what I have studied 95% of all energy on planet Earth is a direct result of the fission bomb called the Sun. As long as the Sun functions the way it does today, humans will NOT run out of energy.

You do NOT need to reduce your energy consumption. Communist socialist cockroach control freaks want you to reduce your energy usage while drive around in flamboyant sport utility vehicles. The environmental protection agency does not care about the air supply.

As a matter of fact they allow billion dollar corporations to pollute the air you breathe. When government bureaucrats claim they care about the air supply, I call bullshit because all you have to do is read their ordinances and their relationships with polluting corporations. There are at least two major water tables on planet Earth.

The water table below the Earths crust and the one created by condensation. Water on planet Earth is abundant and will NOT run out, because this water is a cycle. Water pollution perpetrated by government and military is an entirely different topic of discussion.

As long as the water supply is not too polluted you do NOT need to worry about reducing your water usage. All of the land on this continente norte America was stolen from my ancestors by white terrorists. The Bureau of Land Management continues to steal land.

Also, property taxes are straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Government and military in America destroy natural habitats on these lands they continue to steal. According to mathematicians the entire Earths population of humans would fit on about 1/3 of the continent of Australia.

The rest of the planet would be void of humans. There is fucking plenty of land for ALL of us. You do NOT need to continue to live in compact cities.

The United Nations, which to me is a terrorist organization, openly endorses eugenics. In other words they openly support population control and reduction. As I alluded to before there is plenty of room on this planet for billions of more humans.

Planet Earth is self sustainable, and adding billions of more humans will NOT affect the planet adversely. What you are dealing with is bureaucrats that do NOT study on their own and just eat up the government military propaganda. These to me are the real people that are a danger to the planet.

I fucking refuse to live in one of these uppity, snobbish, communist socialist sustainable neighborhoods.

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Aurora Century 16 – July 20 Shooting 5 Year Anniversary

Aurora Century 16

The five year anniversary of the Aurora Century 16 movie theater shooting came and gone. I actually visited the candle light vigil two weeks after this shooting occurred on July 20, 2012. I visited this vigil during the daytime hours on a Friday afternoon.

There were twelve separate vigils one for each victim. There was NO police presence at this vigil site. However, across the street at the Aurora Century 16 movie theaters there were I would say around three to four Aurora, Colorado police gestapo.

I did NOT notice any other authoritative terrorists around ie. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, Sheriff, etc. The entire Aurora Century 16 movie theater parking lot was cordoned off with yellow police tape.

Even the back of this movie theater was cordoned off with police tape. The lunatic fringe truth movement claims this movie theater shooting was fake and that even the vigil was fake. The vigil was real as I witnessed it myself.

However, at that time I did NOT own an Apple iPhone or Google Android. I would have taken some pictures and video. There were probably around 20 people visiting this vigil while I was there.

This vigil was right across the street from the Aurora Century 16 movie theater at the corner of Sable Boulevard and East Centrepoint Drive. There is a vacant field in this location. The vigil was located on the corner on top of a small hill.

Each victim had there own separate vigil with photographs and an abundance of flowers and notes from visitors. Another interesting aspect was that later that year I had to attend court in the same building that James Holmes appeared in court. I actually attended court the very same day as I think his first court date was scheduled.

I have never seen so many police and sheriff gestapo terrorists in my life. I entered this building and some fucking white trash Sheriff terrorist demanded I take my sunglasses off. This was fucking bullshit because some Asian male walked in this shit hole building in front of me and was NOT requested to take his sunglasses off.

I think on the second or third floor of this building is where James Holmes attended his first court proceeding. The entire floor was made up of media whore propagandists and Sheriff terrorists. My lawyer and I were going to enter James Holmes court proceedings, but he decided he did NOT want to attend.

However, I saw with my own eyes that there was a real life court proceeding occurring for James Holmes. The lunatic fringe truth movement will claim that these court proceedings never existed or that actors were used in some kind of fake proceedings. I witnessed both the victims’ vigil and outside the courtroom with my very own eyes.

James Holmes murdered 12 individuals and injured seventy other individuals. Just another white boy perpetrating a public shooting. When are white people going to begin discussing one of America’s biggest problems, that being white on white criminality?

Perhaps never.

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Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory – Among Trump Supporters

Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever heard of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory? Many Americans had never heard of Seth Rich until the mainstream white supremacist military media started reporting on it. The lunatic fringe also known as the truth movement covered this bureaucrat’s alleged suspicious death.

The alternative media which is also labeled the truth movement reported about the Seth Rich death for at least a year. All of a sudden out of left field, the mainstream media started reporting on it. Another interesting facet is that now all of a sudden Donald Chump Trump supporters are discussing his death.

This Seth Rich story is one of the strangest ones I have heard in a long time. Rod Wheeler, a person with color claims that he worked for Seth Rich’s family. However, he claims that he did NOT sign a contract and that they did NOT technically receive money from Seth’s family.

This all sounds odd and strange to me. You are telling me that Rod Wheeler investigated a potential murder for this family, but received money from someone else? Rod Wheeler is a former police gestapo.

Albeit a homicide detective for Washington District of Corruption. I never trust authoritative goons in this system of oppression. There are different explanations for Seth Rich’s demise.

One viewpoint is that he was murdered in a failed robbery attempt. Another explanation is that he was intentionally targeted by the Clinton family because he allegedly helped expose Hillary Clinton’s email messages. Quite frankly I do NOT fucking care about that dumb shit political puppet theater also known as Clinton email gate.

Another aspect of all this non sense is how in my opinion the truth movement is really nothing more than more right wing conservative Republicanism. Seth Rich was a Democratic National Committee staffer. Seth Rich’s own parents became sick and tired of these conspiracy lunatic fringe.

“It just won’t stop. The amount of pain and anguish this has caused us is unbearable. With every conspiratorial flare-up, we are forced to relive Seth’s murder and a small piece of us dies as more of Seth’s memory is torn away from us.”

This has turned into the prototypical two party puppet theater. The conservatard right versus the conservatard left. What I find interesting is that now you have liberal conspiracy kooks talking about this alleged suspicious death.

You have clowns like Jason Goodman and even the Young Jerks, er I mean Young Turks, even respond to this Seth Rich soap opera. Jason Goodman actually, has direct ties to Hollyweird er I mean Hollywood. I found another military connection with all this non sense.

David Sweigert is “ex” military and served in the Air Force. His father George Sweigert, invented the cordless telephone. His father also served in the military, more specifically succinctly, the Army for five years.

The list of possible explanations has grown quite a bit since the lunatic fringe, also known as the lie movement or the truth movement, began discussing Seth Rich’s death. He supposedly went to a local bar on the previous night before his death. Nobody seems to have any proof or evidence proving their case.

I have concluded that now that the mainstream white military media is reporting on this alleged conspiracy murder, that it cannot be legitimate. I have no idea how Seth Rich met his demise, since I was not present to observe, witness, and experience him being shot twice. However, now his death has just turned into a left versus right dog and pony show circus, and I refuse to partake in any of it.

Finally, a person with color by the name of Imran Awan, has been accused of being the perpetrator. However, just like many of the other theories surrounding this death, there is very little of any credible evidence. People are claiming that Imran partied with Seth Rich the night before his death.

Supposedly, there is a group photo of the party goers which included Seth and Imran. However, that photo was more than a year old. Also, the person in that photo was not proven as being Imran Awan.

There are way too many other explanations for Seth Rich’s death to cover.

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Emergency Alert System Generator – in Hawaii False Missile Alarm

Emergency Alert System Generator

The emergency alert system generator that the State of Hawaii government uses created a false alarm panic. You cannnot fucking make this garbage up. Whenever people in government obtain technology, many times they cause further problems.

These government military buffoons in Hawaii had to send out counter alerts. You see many Hawaii residents received a text message with the statement below:


a United States military terrorist, by the name of David Benham labeled this a false alarm. This clown is a Unitd States Pacific Command Commander. Some bureaucratic criminals from the State of Hawaii claimed this false alarm was not acceptable and that heads would roll.

I do NOT necessarily think that this was just an accident. Governments and their militaries all through out history have intentionally scared their own citizenry. This mobile alert was disseminated on Saturday January thirteen two thousand eighteen.

In America it is the job of the Military terrorists to destroy your life, er I mean warn you of inpending doom, including missile attacks. The United States military allegedly has a satellite missile detection system that is supposedly capable of detecing missiles entering the abstraction called the United States. This system allegedly monitors Hawaii as well.

However, human error has been blamed for this travesty in Hawaii. Perhaps it was NOT human error and intentional. Who knows, I don’t know.

In Colorado we get emergency alerts via Google Android and Apple iPhone. However, I have figured out a way to disable them. This wireless emergency alert system is part of the same emergency alert system that is tested on your local television station(s).

Also, the emergency alert system uses air sirens like during a tornado warning. Yesterday only a false alarm alert was sent out via wireless and television. Thankfully, none of those annoying air sirens were used.

You see to me at least, government military actually puts your life at greater risk period end of story. Quite frankly even if America was attacked by missiles, I would not fucking care, because America to me is the worlds largest terrorist organization. The American military deserver to get attacked by missiles because the way they have behaved for over two hundred years now.

Although I don’t get into the fear mongering and I am skeptical of all this histeria with North Korea. Finally, I would not doubt that this “false alarm” was actually intentional in order to scare the residents in Hawaii. You have to keep creating a false boogie man in order to justify invading other parts of the planet, as a military empire.

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Psychopathic Records Artists – Insane Clown Posse DC Rally

ICP Group

The Insane Clown Posse music group held a rally in Washington District of Corruption this Saturday afternoon. Insane Clown Posse is a hip hop group managed by the Psychopathic Records Artists label. I don’t really care about breads y circuses.

However, this music group attracted way more attendees than a nearby Donald “Chump” Trump rally. Also, way back in two thousand eleven the Federal Bureau of Investigation labeled Insane Clown Posse a threat to America as a gang. You can’t fucking make this shit up.

This designation is listed in their 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment. This ICP group is listed as Juggalos/ICP in this Federal Bureau of Insurgency assessment. My assessment is that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a real domestic terrorist group that should be shut down.

This label of Psychopathic Records Artists Insane Clown Posse as some threatening gang is laughable. If you collected statistics of how many people died from this ICP group compared to how many people the FBI murder each year, those statistics wouldn’t even be in the same arena. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has rained terror on Americans since John Hoover, the Jesuit agitator, created the FBI.

I have never been a fan of these clowns, pun intended, as most of them are white and I steer clear of most white people, in their system of white terrorism. They held this rally this afternoon in defiance of being labeled a gang by a real terror group, known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Government goons and thugs have nothing better to do than label other groups as threats perhaps.

Perhaps this is another case in point to shut down all governments in America. With no federal government there would be no ridiculous gang labels on smaller groups. I did find it fascinating that this national gang threat assessment listed some members of Juggalos/ICP as being members of the military.

You want to talk about a gang of terrorists? Why isn’t the entire United States government military labeled a “national gang threat”? The Insane Clown Posse actually sued the Federal Bureau of Insurgency in two thousand fourteen.

Those pussies at the FBI requested that a federal judge dismiss that lawsuit. A federal judge in two thousand fifteen dismissed this lawsuit. However, Insane Clown Posse appealed this decision and that lawsuit was reinstated.

According to JuggaloMarch.com, the ICP group had their lawsuit dismissed again, sometime in two thousand seventeen. You fucking still think free speech in America exists? Give me a fucking break.

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St Louis Police – Department Officer Jason Stockley Acquitted

Jason Stockley Verdict

A white police gestapo terrorist has been acquitted of murder. That is nothing new in the system of white terrorism. This time Jason Stockley was acquitted of the murder of Anthony Smith.

This decision was based off the sole decision from another government terrorist, judge Timothy Wilson. You see this was not a jury trial decision. This white savage Jason was initially charged of first degree murder and criminal action.

I am not surprised he was found NOT guilty. However, I am surprised he was charged with first degree murder to begin with. Anthony was murdered in two thousand eleven after a high speed pursuit by afore mentioned gestapo thug.

Protestors showed up immediately after this verdict in St. Louis, Missouri. Around twelve protestors were arrested. Wells Fargo, Stifel, and Nestle Purina Petcare sent thousands of serfs home after these protests grew Friday morning September fifteen two thousand seventeen. Traffic was rerouted from this protest area and around 5:30 PM this peaceful assembly was no longer deemed peaceful by gestapo as they shut this protest down.

“I think the verdict is disgusting,” said Smith, who is black. “I’m proud of these people protesting. If you look like me, then you feel like there is no other way to express yourself in the face of this kind of verdict.

Time and time again, African-American men are killed by police and nobody is held accountable.”

Judge Wilson released a thirty page document explaining why he decided to protect this violent savage white man Jason Stockley. This to me is another case where white people make up rules as they go along. This judge Timothy Wilson is also white.

Another government terrorist, Governor Eric Greitens actually activated the National Guard for this white washing verdict. Although allegedly the National Guard were not highly visible. How many fucking times do you hear the National Guard being actively deployed when some WHITE person is awaiting a potential controversial verdict?

Jason decided to waive his right to a jury trial and hence the reason why the corrupt crooked criminal white judge ruled instead. Although in my opinion this aspect would not have changed much as it is very rare that a white police gestapo terrorist is ever held accountable and found guilty. The thirty page St. Louis Police Department legal document is available on the Internet for you to barf over I mean read.

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Seattle Mayor – Ed Murray Resigns After 5th Sex Abuse Claim

Seattle Mayor

Another white man up to no good in his rigged hood. I have written about this pervert translucent, Ed Murray before. Ed Murray is openly homosexual, which does not bother me.

However, he now has five claims of sexual abuse on his doorstep. I don’t know what the problem is with these perverted white men and women in authoritative positions, no pun intended. One of his own cousins has now claimed Ed sexually abused him decades prior.

Pervert Murray resigned his post, as a paper and pen terrorist, also known as a bureaucratic mayor. Tomorrow this pathetic white man is officially resigning. He was planning on seeking a second term as he denied these multiple sexual abuse claims.

“While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our City government to conduct the public’s business.”

Ed Murray is actually a leftist Democrat politician, not that I care about the right versus left political duality. One solution would be to eradicate all governments in America. That way there would be less sodomy occurring.

His own cousin, Joseph Dyer claims Ed sexually abused him. All of his victims are men, which makes sense since he is homosexual. Delvonn Heckard, sued this pervert earlier this April after he claims Ed paid him for sex, while Delvonn was just a teenager.

Another man Jeff Simpson claims Ed sexually molested him when this now soon to become former mayor was his foster parent. This allegation was claimed way back in two thousand eight. However, media whore propagandists at the Seattle Times refused to report on this because they claim this information could not be verified.

Actually, a child welfare investigator actually found this allegation true in the nineteen eighties. This level corrupt crooked criminality is nothing new for authority figures in America. Joseph was only thirteen when Ed molested him multiple times over a one year period.

“There would be times when I would fake sleeping because I didn’t want him touching me.”

Ed Murray worked at a Catholic group home at this time. He was never charged because this group home decided to allow Ed to leave rather than seek legal charges. Christianity has an age old custom of child abuse, not just exclusive to Catholicism.

This Seattle Mayor has never been charged legally for his sexual perversions perpetrated against boys. We shall see how this white perverts potential legal problems play out. Perhaps he is another Jerry Sandusky and or Jimmy Savile.

I wonder how many other government military political perverts are molesting children as we speak?

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