Bill Cooper – Was he a Controlled Opposition Disinformation Agent?

Milton William Cooper’s July second, nineteen eighty nine speech in front of the MUFON Symposium. Milton William Cooper also known as William Cooper also known as Bill Cooper discussed the “alleged” Secret Government, UFO’s, and MJ12. Was Milton Cooper really the most dangerous radio host in America or a controlled opposition disinformation agent and or cointelpro?

You can listen to a one hour and twenty eight minute replay of an “alleged” shadow government and UFO threat and decide for yourself, on popular video sharing sites like YouTube. Mr. Cooper quite extensively talked about and claimed he believed in UFO’s for quite a few years. Later on in his career however he claimed he was duped by the United States government and no longer believed in them.

He did discuss seeing a UFO craft come out of some water while he was on a United States Navy ship. Why did Mr. Cooper perform a one hundred and eighty degree turn on this issue of UFO’s? Were his initial reports of a UFO siting just erroneous then?

Perhaps stories like these were just a way to distract his listeners from more serious issues. Also, was Mr. Cooper really that dangerous of a radio host as alleged in a white house memo by then and former puppet Bill Clinton? How dangerous was he to any establishment, if he was discussing topics like UFO’s?

Organizations like Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network and Disclosure Project are riddled with “ex” military and government personnel. Perhaps topics like aliens and UFO’s are perhaps red herring and or fear mongering rhetoric. Are persons such as Bill Cooper really disinformation agents used to control opposition to a current problematic enslavement system?

Swine Flu Epidemic – Are Alex Jones Jason Bermas Steve Quayle Disinfo?

Jason Bermas’ April twenty nine, two thousand nine swine flu outbreak Infowarrior Show broadcast was certainly jam packed. Alex Jones and Steve Quayle also participated in Jason Bermas’ broadcast. Are Alex Jones, Jason Bermas, and Steve Quayle controlled opposition disinformation agents or cointelpro?

Listen to a three hour replay of an “alleged” swine flu outbreak out on Mr. Bermas’s archives, YouTube, or other Internet archive sites, and decide for yourself. Interestingly enough Jason Bermas is “ex” military and served in Iraq. Also, Bermas was in the Israeli military.

Steve Quayle whom has made many appearances on Coast to Coast AM is also “ex” military. I discussed Alex Jones possibly being controlled opposition on Reality UnKnown episode twelve, available on my Reality UnKnown archives. I noticed quite a few interesting aspects in this Infowarrior broadcast.

To me it was apparent from beginning to end that there was vast amounts of fear mongering from this trio. Also, I noticed that christianity was heavily promoted during this alleged crisis broadcast. Was the two thousand and nine swine flu outbreak a hoax or was it legit?

The Centers for Disease and Control first reported this alleged epidemic. literally reported non stop about this alleged outbreak for a couple of weeks. Looking back retrospectively, there really were not nearly as many alleged swine flu cases as both CDC, mainstream, and alternative media predicted.

H1N1 also known as swine flu was claimed as a new flu virus first discovered coincidentally in April of two thousand nine. Allegedly, it started spreading person to person there after like a previously known flu virus. The World Health Organization then claimed a pandemic was occurring.

Does this trio that reported on an alleged swine flu outbreak have nefarious agendas? Are they government agents? Did they know that this “outbreak” was a fear mongering propaganda campaign hoax?

I will leave that answer up to you to decide.

Alex Jones – a Controlled Opposition Disinformation Agent?

William “Bill” Cooper’s expose of Alex Jones’ year 2000 broadcast. Is Alex Jones a controlled opposition disinformation agent or cointelpro? Listen to Bill Cooper’s three hour and ten minute expose out on or other archive sites and decide for yourself.

I have spoken before about “ex” military Milton William Cooper possibly being controlled opposition as well. However, his expose of Alex Jones might be productive information, in order to attempt to fully understand him. Also, I was unable to find an original archive of Alex Jones’ December thirty first nineteen ninety nine year two thousand broadcast but Bill Cooper’s expose, has parts of this broadcast.

After listening to Alex Jones for around a year and a half quite religiously eg. literally everyday, I noticed a few occurrences in his broadcasts. He seemed to overtly use fear on so many levels. Also, when I would try to refute any of his claims myself, quite often I noticed his claims were exaggerations or out right unfounded.

His December thirty first nineteen ninety nine New Years Eve broadcast and his April two thousand nine swine flu broadcast’s are perfect examples of out right fear mongering. I think I even heard him claim during one of his swine flu broadcasts in early April of two thousand nine, that a billion people could become infected with swine flu. At that time I had been listening to his earlier broadcasts, more specifically his year two thousand broadcast.

Listening to his campaign of fear ie. his swine flu broadcast(s) was a final straw. I quit listening to his broadcasts of fear and furthered my independent studies of “the system”. My personal premise is that Alex Jones is a controlled opposition cointelpro disinformation emissary agent.

Although, I could be incorrect but that is how I interpret his broadcasts. Counter intelligence program has been around since 1950’s. Allegedly, it was created by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to counteract domestic activist groups.

Another aspect of Mr. Jones is his blatant misinformation on certain subjects. You will try to prove one of his points during one of his broadcasts and often times come up empty handed. This is to me intentional or just plain grandiose speaking.

To me his role is to steer his followers into a dead end or at least diffuse some of their energy.

911 Attacks – Are Land of Free and Home of Brave Absurd Slogans?

I was joined in an interesting chat about some events of September 11, 2001 in New York City. Was 911 indeed an inside job like many theories out there purport it to have been? We talked about how exactly we thought that both twin towers on September eleven two thousand one came down.

Another discussion talked about was what a thesis of controlled opposition is defined as. Are there really agents, cointelpro, provaceuters, etc. in society controlling opposition to government agendas, taxation, military, etc.? A list of individuals allegedly falling under definitions of controlled opposition were discussed.

Fear mongering was another topic of discussion. Does media, military, government, etc. use fear mongering tactics to get people to go along with their agendas? Fear mongering can be perhaps used in multiple ways for multiple reasons.

A global enslavement system was talked about as well. Many facets of this alleged global enslavement system was articulated. Are Americans really as free as they might think they are?

Is “the land of the free” and “home of the brave” absurd slogans? The United States government military loves to propagandize how free America is in contrast to other nations. Well when studying these other abstract nations, it has come quite clear that this notion of freedom in America is a distortion of reality.

America is just as oppressive as other nations on this planet. I do not see much differences in this part of the planet than in other areas that have a government military running things. America to me is one of the most corrupt nation states on Earth if not the most corrupt political entity.

American schools, history books, experts, government officials, media, etc. keep spewing off this absurd notion. Meanwhile more and more laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, etc. are created to keep Americans controlled and enslaved.

Political Dissent – Just What Exactly is Political Dissent?

Just what exactly is political dissent? Political dissent can come in various forms. People protest a current political system and still think it is advantageous to use it.

Other forms of political dissent may include protesting a political system entirely by advocating its abolishment. Politics etymology can mean many blood suckers. While I no longer participate in politics, I do endorse some form of political dissent.

However, watching any average protest, a person might quickly conclude that sometimes unexplainable events occur. For one thing police seem easily agitated and if a protest is large enough, almost always police threaten arrest if peaceful assemblies are not ended. It is almost as if this is some kind of turf war for police and they resort to war like tactics.

Another theme I have noticed with some larger protests is that out of seemingly no where violence erupts. A lot of times freedom fighters, anarchists, etc. are blamed. Well if you dig deeper, often times it is actual under cover police officers that instigate first bouts of violent behavior.

This leads me to my point that I think it is quite possible that most political dissent is steered by controlled opposition agents. Other labels for controlled opposition include cointelpro, emissary, spook, etc. Unfortunately, I think a lot of political dissent is controlled by outside sources.

Many groups you think are legitimate are often just preconceived controlled opposition organizations. There are countless secret societies, non governmental organizations, think tanks, political groups, philanthropy outfits, etc. that to me are just more group thinking controlled opposition. My premise is that established establishment lunatics know there will be dissent politically to a current oppressively corrupt system.

Therefore, they plan and prepare for any protesting and outrage by some citizenry. Things can escalate to a point that individuals get arrested and even charged, prosecuted, and sentenced in a corrupt legal system on trumped up charges. Political dissent is perhaps necessary in a current out of control oppressive system, but from my view point it can be dangerous at times.