Steve Rannazzisi – Was Not in Twin Towers on September 11, 2001

A white comedian and actor named Steve Rannazzisi admitted today September sixteen two thousand fifteen that he lied about being in one of the World Trade Center buildings on September eleven two thousand one. He claimed that he escaped with his life on 911 back in 2001. This was a big fat fucking lie as today he apologized.

This white clown’s apology consisted of:

“As a young man, I made a mistake that I deeply regret and for which apologies may still not be enough,” he said, beginning a series of tweets.


“After I moved with my wife to Los Angeles from New York City in 2001 shortly after 9/11, I told people that I was in one of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11. It wasn’t true. I was in Manhattan but working in a building in midtown and I was not at the Trade Center on that day,”


“I don’t know why I said this. This was inexcusable. I am truly, truly sorry. … (I)t is to the victims of 9/11 and to the people that love them — and the people that love me — that I ask for forgiveness.”

This is not an only lie Steve Rannazzisi told to Americans. For many years he claimed he worked for Merrill Lynch on September eleven two thousand one, on the fifty fourth floor of the Word Trade Center complex south tower. Steve was not working for Merrill Lynch on 911 and Merrill Lynch has no records of his employment.

As recent as two thousand nine Steve claimed he escaped one of the old Twin Towers with this statement:

“The first tower got hit, and we were jostled all over the place,” he told Maron. “I went downstairs walked outside, saw all pandemonium, and then five, six minutes later, bang,”

He currently is a spokesman for Buffalo Wild Wings. No word yet whether or not this company is going to give this white man a white slip, I mean pink slip.

Rahm Emanuel – Proposes Largest Chicago Property Tax Hike Ever

Current mayor of Chicago and bureaucratic terrorist, Rahm Emanual, proposes Chicago’s largest property tax increase in modern times. This government clown seeks five hundred million dollars of additional extortion racketeering in Chicago’s two thousand sixteen proposed budget. He claims he needs this five hundred million dollars for police terrorist’s, school construction, and fire department pensions.

Also, this dual Israeli and United States citizen, Rahm Emanual is son of a real life Zionist terrorist, Benjamin Emanuel whom was a member of Irgun Zvai Leumi. Anyways, this current political terrorist in my eyes, wants to extort I mean raise an additional one hundred million dollars by creating a mandatory garbage collection fee. The extortion racketeering doesn’t stop there.

He wants to create a new per ride taxi fee, ride hailing fee for services like Uber, and create a new tax on electronic cigarettes as well as for smokeless tobacco products. Four hundred fifty million fake federal reserve notes would be paid to police terrorists and fire fighters. Remaining fifty million dollars would be deposited directly into this terrorist’s bank account, I mean would subsidize construction costs for temporary brain white washing interment camps also known as schools.

A proposed garbage haul fee, would cost around eleven dollars per month per serf, I mean citizen living in basically apartments. No word yet how much a per ride fee for Uber and taxis would cost. This would blow, pun intended away previous modern property tax hikes in Chicago.

As is proverbial in a system of white terror, this political terrorist is a hypocrite. You see when this ass hat politician was selected for office of Chicago Mayor, he attacked one of his opponents for voting for a large tax increase. Now this pathological liar wants to increase property taxes three times greater.

Never forget that this is same Rahm Emanual that said:

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Oath of Enlistment – Why Armed Oath Keepers Allowed in Ferguson?

Why did some white armed Oath Keepers show up to a continuous Ferguson, Missouri protest, today Tuesday August eleven two thousand fifteen? Missouri allows concealed and carry permit owners to openly carry approved weapons. However, Oath Keepers were not a welcomed addition to these ongoing protests by both police and protesters.

According to their website, Oath Keepers is “a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders, whom fulfill an oath allegedly all military and police are supposed to take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Supposedly, early Tuesday morning several white men were seen carrying semiautomatic weapons around same time that another person with color was shot by police terrorists. One white man claimed he and other Oath Keepers were at that protest to protect writers for Alex Jones I mean

InfoWhores I mean InfoWars has denied this assertion that they hired Oath Keepers to protect them. People at InfoWars denied they are affiliated with Oath Keepers. This white Oath Keeper named John tried to justify his and other member’s existence at this protest, claiming they were highly trained.

Police terrorist in Chief, John Belmar of St. Louis County, called this group’s presence “unnecessary and inflammatory.” Some people with color questioned validity of this Oath Keepers group, whom were openly armed and wearing para military clothing. I have always questioned a validity of this group as they are made up mostly of current and former police and military terrorists.

Oath Keepers was created of course by a white “ex” military terrorist named Stewart Rhodes. This clown has ties to CONgressman Ron Paul, whom is white and “ex” military as well. Both Ron Paul and Oath Keepers are hypocritical in nature to me, since under the white mans CONstitution you are not supposed to have standing armies in America.

Ron Paul – Is This Freemason a Controlled Opposition Charlatan?

Former CONgressman Ronald Earnest Paul served in the United States House of Representatives fourteenth and twenty second districts, in Lake Jackson, Texas, for a total of twenty three years. Also, he is “ex” military serving both in the United States Air Force and National Guard. Ron Paul is a freemason out of Lake Jackson, Texas.

His wife Carol Paul, is a member of Lake Jackson Eastern Star, which is a freemasonic organization for women. Ron Paul voted yea or yes for the Afghanistan war resolution on September fourteenth two thousand and one. This resolution gave the United States government military, a terrorist organization to me, justification to use military force against “terrorists” and any groups or nations that “harbored” terrorists.

This to me is absurd since those events of September eleventh two thousand and one in downtown Manhattan, New York, were a false flag inside job perpetrated by the United States government military. Also, this is a clear indication of Ron Paul’s obvious hypocrisy when it comes to foreign policy. Mr. freemason has never stated on record, that nine eleven was a false flag inside job.

Don Black, an “ex” grand wizard of a Ku Klux Klan organization donated five hundred dollars to one of Ron Paul’s presidential campaigns. Did this clown return that donation money from a known white supremacist? No he did not.

Ron Paul Racist

Don Black created and still helps run, a well known white terrorist organization, I mean white nationalist website. As a matter of fact, Ron Paul was’s presidential candidate of choice both times Paul ran for puppet presidency in the United States in two thousand eight, as well as two thousand twelve.

Ron Paul also endorsed David Duke during Duke’s failed bids for a seat in the United States Congress. David Duke is an “ex” grand wizard of a Ku Klux Klan organization in Louisiana. Finally, Ron Paul denied any ties to his racist white supremacist newsletter, that he published in nineteen eighties and nineties.

There are countless interviews available on the Internet, where Paul in mid nineteen nineties, embraces his newsletter content, and does not dispute any racist white supremacist terroristic material.

Fritz Springmeier – Is Ex-Con a Shill in a Phony Truth Movement?

Fritz Springmeier who claims to expose “the illuminati”, has quite an interesting past. Victor Earl Schoof is his real name, which he had changed legally in nineteen eighty three for “personal” reasons. Victor Schoof also known as Fritz Springmeier is actually “ex” military.

He entered West Point, a United States Military Academy at age seventeen. West Point is where possible future terrorists, I mean military become members of the United States Army. His father James E. Schoof, worked for United States Aid for International Development and worked for the United Nations as an agriculture engineer.

Fritz or Victor’s first wife divorced him and she had won custody of their only child. Mr. Springmeier or Schoof then kidnapped his own child from midwest United States and then took his child to Oregon. After approximately two years, the Federal Bureau of Insurgents, another possible terrorist organization, finally caught up with Fritz or Victor.

Fritz Springmeier

He was sentenced and served a not specified amount of time in a federal prison. Allegedly, Victor Schoof also known as Fritz Springmeier, married an actual christian woman from one of the illuminati blood line families. This man supposedly has used other aliases to include Ian McDiarmid, Peter Dunne, Amos Eicher, and Vernon Schwartz.

On March second, two thousand and one, Victor Schoof also known as Fritz Springmeier was arrested by local sheriff and FBI agents along with his wife Patricia Springmeier. They were charged with “first degree manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance, and conspiracy to manufacture and distribute controlled substances”. Allegedly, they were associated with a white supremacy group, the Army of God.

The Army of God is basically a pro life christian organization. However, in nineteen eighties and nineties, members of this organization were responsible for many deaths of abortion clinic doctors. On February thirteen, two thousand and three, Fritz or Victor was sentenced to nine years or one hundred and eleven months, in an American prison for armed robbery. He was released on March twenty fifth, two thousand and eleven.

DavidIcke – Do You Think David Icke is Controlled Opposition?

David Icke Debunked

This two and one half hour film takes a very close look at David Icke’s history and beliefs. It reveals true sources of David Icke’s theories which are often shocking, and should be very concerning for a genuine seeker of truth. This is a well rounded expose which is done respectfully, while still attempting to get an average truth seeker to reevaluate what they really know about an “endgame” of an Illuminati.

Chris White produced this film documentary with a critical analysis of David Icke. Basically, David Icke Debunked is an expose of Mr. Icke’s previous works, background, history, etc. David Icke is a former footballer or soccer player.

Also, he was a British Broadcasting Corporation sports announcer for years. Mr. Icke claimed he was a son of god on the British Broadcasting Corporation which raised some eyebrows. He has claimed that the moon is not real but merrily a hologram.

Icke had a short stint in politics with the British Green party in late nineteen eighties and early nineteen nineties. In recent years David Icke has been a critic of an alleged one world government also known as the New World Order. Mr. Icke also delves into conspiracies, such as some events of September 11, 2001.

In a so called truth movement their is some speculation that David Icke is a controlled opposition agent. Chris White’s expose discusses this as well as many facets of Mr. Icke. An alleged Illuminati whom ever they may be is covered as well.

Is their such a thing as Illuminati and or a New World Order for that matter? Illuminati and New World Order are phrases popular among conspiracy thinkers, alternative media, and a self proclaimed truth movement. Do you think that David Icke is a controlled opposition disinformation agent?

Zeitgeist Films – Is Zeitgeist Movement a One World Government Con?

Zeitgeist, The Movie was created as not for profit expressions to communicate what an author felt were highly important social understandings, which most humans are generally not aware of. A first film focuses on suppressed historical and modern information about currently dominant social institutions, while also exploring what could be in store for humanity, if some power structures at large continue their patterns of self interest, corruption, and consolidation. Zeitgeist films fundamentally deal with a resource based economy.

After trying to analytically critically and cynically interpret these films, my opinion is that there already is a resource based economy. Although, under a zeitgeist model, money would no longer be used. Whom would control the Earth’s natural resources is one question that came to mind.

If it would be same group of individuals that are controlling the Earth’s resources now, would things really change and improve? Jacque Fresco is “ex” military serving in United States Army in early nineteen forties. Both Fresco and Roxanne Meadows have been involved with United Nations functions, even though Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project are basically opposed to using government entities in future centuries.

Another thing is that a resource based economy foundation also had ties to the United Nations. To me the United Nations is a one world government institution.

Founding members of Zeitgeist and Venus Project have been very reluctant in past of being transparent and divulging some of their future plans. This strikes as alarming to me because don’t you think future individuals living in a resource based economy without money have a right to know how it will be designed, function, operate, controlled, etc.? Overall, I do like some concepts in Zeitgeist films.

This current system to me is a disaster and perhaps will only get worse as time goes on. However, others have sounded an alarm that perhaps Zeitgeist really wants a one world communist system which could be worse then what is in place now. You can obtain all past Zeitgeist films for free from their official site.

Live or Die Free – Tired of Fear in Mainstream & Alternative Media?

Live Free or Die radio show hosted by Lee Rogers from Oracle Broadcasting discussing an abstraction bill HR 645 and FEMA camps. Is Lee Roger’s show really the most dangerous talk show in America or more succinctly controlled opposition radio? It is interesting another patriot radio show host Bill Cooper was labeled the most dangerous radio show host in America in a white house memo by a former DeMolay Freemason and puppet traitor in chief Bill Clinton.

HR 645 was never passed into law and FEMA camps have been speculated by the truth movement. Was this broadcast just pure speculation or was it intentional fear mongering by an “ex” military whom served in Iraq? While I don’t entirely refute a possibility of internment camps, as during World War II there were internment camps created for Japanese Americans.

My argument if it is indeed fear mongering and not accurate, then do some radio show hosts in a so called patriot movement use fear intentionally? Are these radio hosts trying to steer opposition from citizens fed up with an out of control government? Lets say hypothetically that the United States Federal government is creating FEMA camps, does scaring people really provide a solution?

It could well may be that Congress drafts bill’s like HR 645 with an intention of creating fear in minds of citizens opposed to their agenda. Congress could just put that thought into your mind and some individuals may cave into that fear. Governments are known to instill fear into citizenry in order for them to make them submissive.

Whether FEMA camps are real or not, either way concepts like internment camps instill fear in some people. Over all I consider this kind of tactic quite distasteful. Clearly, there is some kind of agenda going on in my perspective by the alternative media.

Also, it is interesting that some main stream media hosts even talked about FEMA camps like Glenn Beck. Are you tired of fear mongering in mainstream media and even alternative media?

UPDATE: Oracle Broadcasting ceased operations on March 31, 2013.

Disclosure Project – Is This a Military Operation Spreading Fear?

Disclosure Project’s May nine, two thousand one press conference at the National Press Club. On Wednesday, May nine, two thousand one, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish a reality of unidentified flying objects or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. Weight of this first hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt a reality of these phenomena.

Is the Disclosure Project really telling truth or is it a military operation used for fear mongering, red herring, divide and conquer, etc. Dr. Steven Greer whom is director of The Disclosure Project is known as a Central Intelligence Agency agent. Also, when I delved deeper into this group, almost every member and witness are either “ex” military or have government ties.

Why aren’t doctors, lawyers, carpenters, at home mothers, etc. not witnesses? There evidence used as a basis where by The Disclosure Project claims that life forms from another planet are on Earth are just witness testimony and no physical evidence. The military has a long history of claiming that unidentified flying objects have been seen in America as well as the world.

It is also interesting that this Disclosure was made just a few months before the false flag inside job called 911 or those events of September eleven, two thousand and one. Project blue book was a popular United States military agenda that lasted sixteen years that basically investigated unidentified flying object sightings, claims, etc. MUFON also known as Mutual UFO Network is another organization that delves into studying alleged unidentified flying objects.

Are these organizations legit or red herrings used to distract from real important issues affecting society? Do they really solve any problems or do they create more problems by instilling fear, distractions, and mysteries that may never be solved?

Behold a Pale Horse – Was Bill Cooper a Danger to Establishment?

Milton William Cooper’s 1991 audio book titled Behold a pale horse. Was Milton William Cooper really the most dangerous radio host in America as outlined in a White House memo by a former puppet traitor in chief William Jefferson Clinton and announced by Rush Limbaugh? Also, was Milton William Cooper really a controlled opposition disinformation and or cointelpro agent used to keep the American people controlled and enslaved?

Another interesting aspect of William Cooper’s book Behold a Pale Horse, is to me quite a bit of fear mongering. How much a threat really was Mr. Cooper to establishment lunatics? Why would a former DeMolay Freemason, Jesuit trained, and puppet traitor in chief Bill Clinton as well as an established media propagandist Rush Limbaugh attack somebody ex military?

There is no doubt that the United States government military has been out of control for decades if not since its inception. However, is an armed insurrection really an answer to this predicament? Was Milton William Cooper really a cointelpro agent with an agenda of fear mongering.

Fear is a tactic often time used by governments in order to terrorize into submission their victims also known as citizens. Since Mr. Cooper was both ex air force and ex navy, do his past military ties really make him a threat to an established corrupt system? To me it is not out of a realm of possibility that actually Mr. Cooper was a controlled opposition agent, whose sole responsibility was to steer any opposition to a current oppressive system.

Governments are known to use fear and to steer opposition to their tyrannical ways. Is it possible that Mr. Cooper with his prior military training was part of an established government military dictatorship and his sole job was to steer any opposition from his followers? His book in paper and audio format is readily available from websites like, YouTube, as well as other audio archive sites.