Carmike Wynnsong Cinema – Shooting Incident Leaves Four Injured

Another alleged shooting incident in public allegedly occurred on December twenty fifth two thousand fifteen. This time in white people’s system of white terrorism, two alleged suspects shot four individuals at Carmike Wynnsong Cinema in Mobile, Alabama. This supposed shooting incident transpired outside in a parking lot around 10:15 PM local time.

Four teenagers were shot and according to local police terrorists no arrest have been made. A fourteen year old girl and fourteen year old boy were both allegedly shot in a leg. An eighteen year old male supposedly was shot in his ambdomen, hip, and thigh.

Also, another eighteen year old male was shot in his abdomen. Police terrorists claim they think this was perpetrated by two male juvenile suspects. However, they don’t know who perpetrated these shootings.

All four victims were carted off to a local hospital. Mobile chief of terrorists I mean police James Barber is supposed to hold a public relations, I mean white washing, I mean press conference concerning this alleged incident on Monday December twenty eight two thousand fifteen. Some witnesses claimed they heard an argument outside in a Carmike Wynnsong Cinema parking lot before someone busted some caps.

No word on what hospital these victims were transported to. Allegedly two shooters took off running after this incident. Another reports claims a male wearing white pants was scene running from back of this movie theater towards Schillinger Road.

This Carmike Wynnsong Cinema is located at 785 Schillinger Road South in West Mobile, Alabama.