Ben Fields – Richland County Sheriff Thug Drags Innocent Teen Girl

Another white thug attacked a person with color today October twenty sixth two thousand fifteen. This time Ben Fields a Richland County Sheriff terrorist assaulted a teen girl at Spring Valley High School. You see Richland County sheriff terrorists are assigned to this school as resource terrorists I mean “resource officers”.

Spring Valley High School is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This white terrorist grabbed what white people would label a black female by her arms and dumped her out of her chair. He then dragged this high school student and then arrested her.

This white scum assaulted her because allegedly she refused to leave this classroom. I’ve never heard of a law making it illegal to leave a temporary internment camp room. However, in white peoples system of white terrorism, most anything is possible.

This white terrorist supposedly has been given a cease and desist order meaning he should not fixate himself in any schools within this same district. Superintendent of control and brain white washing I mean of schools was quoted as saying:

“Pending the outcome of the investigation, the District has directed that the SRO not return to any school in the District.”

This is not first time that this white Al Qaeda, white Isis, white terrorist scum has terrorized people with color. You see this Richland County Sheriff terrorist is facing a federal lawsuit. Ashton James Reese has filed a lawsuit against this white terrorist claiming that this Sheriff lied and profiled him solely because of his color.

Another person with color labeled most likely “Mexican” by white people tried suing Ben Fields in two thousand seven in federal court for basically racial profiling. This white ISIS member has had numerous complaints by students at Spring Valley High School for years now. In two thousand twelve Ben Fields slammed a pregnant teen girl.

Some of these allegations have surfaced on Twitter. This white terrorist is a Christian and grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You can contact Spring Valley High School whom harbored this white terrorist and voice your disdain at:

Senior Deputy Ben Fields
Spring Valley High School
Principal Temoney

You can contact this white terrorist organization the Richland County Sheriff’s office and voice your disdain at: