Becky Behm – White Police Terrorists With a Smile Assault Inmates

This is a short fifteen minute report of two instances of white police terrorizing inmates for no apparent reason. A first video deals with Becky Behms’ assault by multiple white Tazewell County, Illinois sheriff deputies, in two thousand eight. A second video deals with another assault by white law enforcement against Mike Bergeron Jr. in Seabrook, New Hampshire in two thousand and nine.

Both individuals initially were charged with alcohol related driving offenses. Becky Behm was awarded one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars but all police officers involved were later not found of any wrong doing in January of two thousand and fourteen. Mike Berg just recently released his assault on video and is seeking counsel to possibly sue Seakbrook police.

Becky Behm was originally arrested for drunk driving on October seventeen two thousand and eight. She spent one night in a Tazewell County, Illinois jail cell. Behm was beaten by three white sheriff deputies that included punches in face, swung head first into a concrete wall, sprayed with pepper spray, and left without medical attention.

Names of individuals involved are Sergeant Richard Johnston, correctional officers Jeffery Bieber and Justin Piro. Mr. Bergerons’ incident also transpired quite a few years ago on November eleventh two thousand and nine. He was arrested and charged with a DWI initially by Seabrook, New Hampshire police.

Seabrook police threw him upside a cement wall, leaving Mr. Bergeron Jr. with a permanent lump on his head, chipped teeth, and brain injuries. Speculation is that he had just been searched as he had no belt, no shirt, no shoes, and pants unzipped. He was dragged and then allegedly pepper sprayed.

After this incident Mr. Mike Bergeron Jr. consulted with attorney and supposedly turned over security camera video footage of his assault by white Seabrook, New Hampshire police. Nobody knows at time of this report, how he obtained this camera footage. Four white Seabrook police Adam R Laurent, David Hersey, Mark Richardson, and Keith Dietenhofer were involved in this incident.

This is contact information for Adam R. Laurent:

52 Stevens Hill Rd
Nottingham, NH 03290-4801