Battle of Fallujah – Are United States Military Real Terrorists?

Falluja April 2004 (English)

Falluja is a city that became a symbol of Iraqi resistance to a United States government military occupation in April two thousand four, when the United States military launched a major assault involving thousands of troops on a mostly Sunni city. In a one month long siege, around seven hundred thirty people were killed, and some two thousand eight hundred wounded.

Ten days after, in early May two thousand four, Toshikuni Doi, a freelance journalist, visited Falluja with a camcorder to discover what had actually happened inside that besieged city. A number of that city’s residents, men and women, spoke to him. What turned that “city of mosques” into a “city of resistance”?

How did United States troops carry out their attack on this city? What was an impact on this city’s residents? What was it like there during those fights?

And what was a human cost? “Falluja, April Two Thousand Four, is a fifty five minute pure documentary film with no additional music or effects, shows what a military operation means to a city and its people. A battle of Fallujah, Iraq was perhaps completely white washed in America’s propaganda media.

Was this attack justified or was it really more succinctly terrorism perpetrated by the United States government military against innocent people? Another possible misconception is that some how any Iraqi’s that opposed this invasion were automatically labeled insurgents. Were they really insurgents or really freedom fighters protecting themselves from the real terrorists in this scenario?

A battle of Fallujah is just one possible terrorist act perpetrated by the United States government military among many. Do you think it is possible that the United States government military are real terrorists worldwide?