Bastille Day – Donald Trump Meets Emmanuel Macron

Donald “Chump” Trump and Emmanuel Macron met on Bastille Day 2017. The calendar date was July 14th, 2017. Bastille Day is Frances national day.

I boycott all fucking United States of America celebrations. If I was living in France, I would boycott Bastille Day. Anyways, Emmanuel Macron has quite the resume.

In the United States of America Emmanuel Macrons current wife would have perpetrated statutory rape. You see Emmanuel was just fifteen years old when he had a relationship with his teacher, which would become his future wife. Also, his rapist, er I mean future wife was 39 years old when she cheated on her husband with one of her pupils.

Ironically, enough this couple has never procreated. I find it amazing that they have not created one child as a couple in this love affair, pun intended. This relationship gets even more interesting.

Emmanuel attended Jesuit Lycée la Providence school. He met his wife Brigitte at this very same high school. She was his rapist, er I mean teacher.

Adding insult to injury or not, she was herself a Catholic Jesuit. Emmanuel was invited to speak at the Grand Orient de France Masonic Lodge on June 21st, 2016. When he was thirty years old he went to work for one of the Rothschild families investment banks.

Not just any Rothschild family, the super banker Rothschild family. He attended an elite school named École Normale Supérieure. He received a high paying banking job at Rothschild & Cie Banque in 2008.

He was promoted to partner with in just a few years. Emmanuel Macron attended the secret Bilderberg meeting in 2014. At the age of twelve he allegedly requested he become baptized Roman Catholic.

His family including himself were not religious before this. His female rapist left her husband and three children to live with this fifteen year old boy. This couple did not officially get married until ten years later in 2007.

These two Christians sure do NOT behave very Christian like do they? The hypocrisy is thick in this relationship. Only an older woman could get away with statutory rape.

Albeit, France’s age of consent actually I think is fifteen. However, even the age difference is hypocritical. Men that marry or date much younger females are publicly castrated.

Emmanuel and Brigitte’s Jesuit connections cannot be over looked. I thought many Catholics were against divorce? What about the fact she left her three children and husband for a teen boy?

The religious hypocrisy is amazing to me. Emmanuel Macron actually received funding from the leftist billionaire George Soros. Donald “Chump” Trump is also a Jesuit.

He received some of his education at the United States of America’s Fordham Jesuit University. Bastille Day is actually a military parade. Donald “Chump” trump attended a military academy by the name of New York Military Academy.

Emmanuel Macron and the French government military want to institute mandatory military service for those aged sixteen or older. I do not think that Emmanuel Macron served in the French military. France had phased out compulsory military service between 1996-2001.

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