Bamako Mali – Suffers Massive Incident at Luxury Hotel

Another alleged international incident surfaced today November twenty two thousand fifteen. A week after a similar incident occurred in Paris, France. This time more than one hundred luxury hotel guests were taken as hostages.

As of time of this blog post creations allegedly twenty two individuals met their demise at Radisson Blue luxury hotel in Bamako, Mali. As is per usual lately “Islamic” gunmen are “suspected” of carrying out this incident. This event allegedly transpired for nine hours until local special forces ended this incident.

Although, propaganda and media whore outlets along with governments have not proven that both this event as well as last week’s Paris event are linked. Allegedly, parts of this incident was shown on Mali television where by police terrorists and security helped guests in peril. Security Minister Salif Traore was quoted as saying:

“They currently have no more hostages in their hands and forces are in the process of tracking them down,”

Amazingly, at least to me some French special forces supposedly assisted some Malians. A Malian military terrorist claimed that two perpetrators met their demise. Another interesting item to note is that just coincidentally two United States special forces were visiting a local United States government military embassy.

Miraculously, they assisted with this incident and allegedly rescued six Americans. Witnesses claimed seeing twelve assailants while Mali security forces claimed two to three “jihadists” perpetrated this event. Malian military terrorists, police terrorists, special forces, United Nations, MINUSMA “peacekeeping” forces, and French military terrorists all supposedly assisted in this event.

France has over one thousand military terrorists in Mali, which is one of their “former” white colonies. Finally, supposedly perpetrators of this event arrived at same time that a vehicle with diplomatic license plates arrived. Individuals from numerous nations allegedly became hostages during this incident.