Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall – Fiasco Leaves One Person Injured

Another alleged mall shooting occurred in white people’s white colony the United States of disgrace. This time a female supposedly was injured at Baldwin Hills Mall in Crenshaw California. Guess where this female was allegedly shot?

You guessed it, one of her legs. I have noticed this pattern of alleged victims being shot in one of their legs in prior public shootings at malls, cinemas, colleges, etc. This shooting allegedly occurred around 2:30 PM local Pacific time.

This capitalistic brothel also known as Baldwin Hills Crenshaw shopping mall is located at the 4100 block of Crenshaw Boulevard. According to police terrorist Sargeant Manuel Arzate from the Los Angeles Police Department, which is a known domestic terrorist organization, at least to me, claims a yet to become identified female was injured in one of her legs. She was supposedly taken to a yet to become disclosed hospital.

Police terrorists allegedly found this female victim outside of this mall’s Sears store. So far no suspect(s) have been arrested or detained. Anabel Lemus, aged twenty eight was working at a frozen yogurt shop inside this mall when she claims she heard a gun shot. She is quoted verbatim telling a propaganda rag Los Angeles newspaper:

“People were screaming and running and being hysterical. My co-worker and I, we have a corner where we have our mop. And we went running over there and hid.

It was really scary.”

This alleged witness claims she heard only one gun shot, but did NOT see any people injured or a person holding a gun. Los Angeles Police Department terrorists claim that a fight transpired outside this mall in a parking lot. Also, they claim this could be gang related.

I have also noticed this pattern of these rash of public shootings being blamed on youth, gang members, opposing groups. Other reports claim this shooting took place at this mall’s food court. Police terrorists have yet to determine exactly where this alleged shooting took place.