Crissy Field San Francisco – Rally by Patriot Prayer Cancelled

A right wing group named Patriot Prayer has cancelled a rally they had planned for Saturday August twenty six two thousand seventeen. This group was actually founded by Joey Gibson, who claims that he is not white and Japanese. This group received a permit from the San Francisco domestic terror group known also as government.

They were going to have klan rally, I mean free speech rally at Chrissy Park. On Friday night Joey changed plans and cancelled this rally. However, he scheduled a news press conference for 2PM local time at Alamo Square park in San Francisco.

Local media whores were beginning to label this fringe group a white supremacist group. This group has connections to Oath Keepers, which to me is controlled opposition. Also, Patriot Prayer has connections to Kyle Chapman aka stickman whom became famous around white circles for beating leftist antifa with a stick, hence his nickname.

The lunatic left has responded to this lunatic right wing group by planning to plant dog poop bombs at Chrissy Park. You can’t make this, pun intended in advance, shit up. I am not a right wing or left wing anarchist.

I do NOT participate in politics nor do I choose sides politically. Patriot Prayer is actually located in Portland, Oregon. Why they choose San Francisco instead of Portland for a possible klan rally, I do not know.

Just because this clown cancelled this rally, does not mean that the show will not go on so to speak. We shall see what transpires at this press conference later today. However, some local citizens that live in the Alamo Square neighborhood were pissed off about this change of venue.

Allegedly, San Francisco authority goons had planned for a possible large scale military and gestapo prescence at Chrissy Park. Perhaps this change of venue may make matters worse. I do not know.

Supposedly, there are planned counter protests just blocks away from Alamo Square. How conveniant don’t you say? I have never heard of both Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer.

I have some intelligence gathering to perform and will perhaps write a report about Joey and his right wing group if neccessary.

Donald J Trump – Pardons Criminal Sheriff Joseph Arpaio

El Presidente Donald “Chump” Trump pardoned the criminal former Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, today August twenty five two thousand seventeen. I am NOT surprised by this decision at all. This is exactly what white terrorists continue to perpetrate in America.

Joseph Arpaio is a convicted criminal. He actually was found guilty earlier this year for a Criminal Contempt charge. A federal judge found this white piece of shit terrorist guilty for once in his life.

However, white people to me make shit up as they go along. This former Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff was pardoned by another white terrorist Donald “Chump” Trump, whos father was a Ku Klux Klan member. Actually, Joseph Arpaio has faced federal charges pertaining to his acts of either direct or indirect terrorism towards inmates in Arizona.

However, each and every time he was never convicted until earlier this year.

“In December 2011, U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow issued a preliminary injunction ordering Arpaio and his deputies to stop targeting Latino drivers. Prosecutors allege that Arpaio’s deputies defied the injunction for at least 18 months. In May 2013, Snow ruled that Arpaio’s office had engaged in racial profiling.

Arpaio and his deputies have admitted to violating the judge’s order, but they claim their defiance wasn’t intentional.”

This is nothing new for white Al Qaeda. This is why I was not surprised at all when he received a puppet potus presidential pardon. I’m sure this white scumbag retired with his full pension in hand.

White people to me are supposed to terrorize people with color and then never become held accountable. This eighty five year old cretin from hell, Joseph was only facing a misdemeanor charge. He is a military terrorist as well after serving in the United States Army.

Joseph is also a former police gestapo terrorist. He has a lengthy rap sheet of corruption that dates back decades. However, since he is a white man, he was only convicted once, which he was pardoned for by Donald “Chump” Trump.

He is no longer the Nazi sheriff of Maricopa County because he lost an election to a Democrat. However, I don’t see any difference between the white supremacist left and right. We shall see if things change in this county or if it is business as usual in the system of white terrorism.

Christopher Cantwell – White Supremacist Fugitive Apprehended

Another white person has been arrested, after the Charlottesville, Virginia klan rally. This rally took place earlier in August of two thousand seventeen. One person was murdered and multiple people were injured.

Christopher Cantwell, a known white supremacist terrorist, turned himself in to interestingly enough Lynchburg gestapo on August twenty third two thousand fourteen. He was facing multiple felonies for his participation in a violent klan rally, I mean free speech rally. University of Virginia gestapo filed two counts of Illegal use of tear gas, phosgene and other gases and one count of malicous bodily injury by means of any caustic substance or agent or use of any explosive or fire.

He will be transported to Charlottesville. He was denied bail. This white boy appeared in a YouTube video crying and whining about his felony warrants. Also, he was featured in a Vice documentary pertaining to the alt right’s free speech rally in charlottesville that was mired with white violence.

An Albemarle County General District Court said that Christopher could still request a bond hearing once he obtains legal counsel. Christopher sprayed counter protestors in the face. His next court appearance is scheduled for October twelve two thousand seventeen.

I was able to verify that he is in custody at Albemarle Charlottesville regional jail. This white terrorist hosts the Radical Agenda radio show. Christopher considers himself a libertarian. I have noticed a pattern of quite a few libertarian white supremacists.

Stephen Colbert has actually featured Christopher on his television program once. Also, he is allied with another white terrorist, Richard Spencer. His father has connections to the United States Federal Government.

His father was an air traffic controller, which can be verified in an online National Air Traffic Controllers Association database. Christopher is another long line of violent Christians. He was raised a Catholic.

Charleston SC Downtown – Virginia’s On King Thomas Burns Shooting

Another incident of violence in Charleston, South Carolina. This time an alleged bitter former employee shot one person to death and took hostages. Local gestapo claim all hostages were released to safety with no injuries nor fatalities.

This incident occurred only blocks away from the Emanuel AME church where white terrorist Dylann Roof murdered nine Africans. According to a bureaucratic mayor, John Tecklenburg, the perpetrator was shot by gestapo and taken to a local hospital. No word on how many hostages were taken.

This pissed of employee took hostages inside the Virginia’s on King restaurant and shot another employee dead. Supposedly, there were around thirty employees inside this restaurant at time of this incident. The owner of this restaurant claims that the perpetrator shot another employee out of revenge.

This incident was initially reported to Charleston Gestapo at 12 PM local time. However, John the city mayor claimed that as of 2:30 PM local time the “active shooter” was still inside this restaurant. This is when allegedly this active shooter began taking hostages.

Tom and Patsy Plant, restaurant customers claimed an assailant entered this restaurant and said:

“There’s a new boss in town.”

These two then escaped out a back door. Another customer claimed this perpetrator locked this restaurant’s front door and said:

“I am the new king of Charleston.”

Another report claims this shooting was first reported to Charleston, South Carolina gestapo at 12:17 PM local time. As is proverbial in the system of mental illness, this establishment was placed under lockdown. Bill Rosene claims that this gunman entered the restaurant from a rear door.

Cato Roemo heard three gun shots and saw a person deceased. Supposedly, a dishwasher was fired and came back to shoot a chef at this restaurant. According to the ownder John Aquino:

“I heard that a dishwasher got fired and came back in and shot the chef. There were some people in there and there were a couple of hostages.”

Crowdsource The Truth – and George Webb Sweigert Part Ways

The lunatic fringe also known as the fake phony truth movement, had a bit of a small shift today. George Webb Sweigert has parted ways with Crowd Source The Truth over some interesting allegations. Crowd Source The Truth was founded by Jason Goodman.

He had partnered with George Webb Sweigert and Trish Negron for quite a few months. George Webb Sweigert is famous or infamous depending on your viewpoint of calling in a false alarm dirty bomb report earlier this year. He claimed that his “sources” told him a dirty bomb was on the Maersk line in Charleston, South Carolina.

This ended up being completely false. However, not too long afterwards, George Webb Sweigert was arrested not necessarily for a Driving Under the Influence charge but something similar. I am not here to judge, just report what had happened. Now fast forward to today, and Jason Goodman claims that George Webb Sweigert was intoxicated during some of their broadcasts.

Jason claimed that this was a main reason for parting ways with George Webb Sweigert. George and his brother Dave Sweigert aka Dave Acton, actually are part of a military family. Last time I checked, George was representing himself ,pro se, with his legal charges in Zanesville, Ohio.

George Webb Sweigert was never charged for possibly calling in a phony fake dirty bomb scare. Jason had helped George with his alcohol related charges in Zanesville, Ohio. Alcohol and drugs in America are dangerous vices.

Is this just more manufactured drama, within the fake phony truth movement? Jason Goodman has direct connections to hollyweird, I mean hollywood. I will be writing a report about his decades old connections to hollyweird.

The lunatic fringe and the phony fake truth movement steams ahead with or without George Webb Sweigert, Jason Goodman, and Trish Negron.

ESPN Sports Radio – Host Ryen Russillo Drunk Arrest in Wyoming

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network radio host Ryen Russillo was arrested for trespassing. He was in Wyoming when police were called to a report of an intoxicated naked white man. I could care less about sports and entertainment as these are distractions to me.

However, some of these people whom get cushy jobs, are no better or different than rest of us serfs. He is being charged with criminal entry according to a Teton County Sheriff’s office inmate list. This is a misdemeanor in the state of Wyoming.

This is similar to a criminal trespass charge. Two persons were sleeping in their condo when they heard someone enter. They found Ryen Russillo and asked him to leave.

He refused to leave and thus local sheriff were called. Officials at Entertainment and Sports Programming Network have not responded about this incident. Are they going to fire Ryen after this event?

Allegedly, he did not get breaking and entering felony charges, because supposedly entry door(s) was not locked. Ryen is still in Teton County Sheriff’s custody as of this blog post creation. I could not find how much, if any bail amount information.

Supposedly, if he does not post bond, he will have to face a judge within forty eight hours. He faces a possible seven hundred fifty dollar fine and or up to six months in prison. Ryen has worked as a bread y circuses anchor since two thousand and six with ESPN.

He actually survived recent layoffs from this distraction network. Ryen was found completely naked except his pants around his ankles. He may have been vacationing in Wyoming, as he posted photos from some local area lakes, in recent days.

We shall see if he survives this incident and keeps his job at ESPN, which is recovering from another controversy with Robert Lee. Robert was pulled from broadcasting a college football game because his last name of Lee coincided with the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist fiasco. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network claimed they wanted to avoid potential fallout with the obvious similar “Lee” last name.

UPDATE: August 29 2017

This drunk white man at time of his arrest was only suspended by Entertainmanet and Sports Network Programming suspended for two weeks. I was not able to verify if Ryen was compensated with pay or not, during his suspension. He will return wasting people’s time on September fifth two thousand seventeen.

US Government Spending – Waste by Louise Linton & Steve Mnuchin

The current Treasury Secretary’s wife, Louise Linton also known as Louise Mnuchin, went off on an Instragram tirade recently. A woman from Oregon responded to Louise’s Instagram, where she bragged about using government excess. She recently flew on one of the Federal government’s jets to Kentucky.

Jenni Miller responded to this bureaucrat’s wife’s Instragram post with this comment:

Glad we could pay for your little getaway.

This snobby spoiled white woman responded with a lengthy reply:

“cute! Aw!!! Did you think this was a personal trip?!

Adorable! Do you think the US govt paid for our honeymoon or personal travel?! lololol.

Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband? Either as an individual earner in taxes OR in self sacrifice to your country? I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day “trip” than you did.

Pretty sure the amount we sacrifice per year is a lot more than you’d be willing to sacrifice if the choice was yours. You’re adorably out of touch. Thanks for the passive aggressive nasty comment.

Your kids look very cute. Your life looks cute. I know you’re mad but deep down you’re really nice and so am I.

Sending me passive aggressive Instagram comments isn’t going to make life feel better. Maybe a nice message, one filled with wisdom and hunanity would get more traction. Have a pleasant evening.

Go chill out and watch the new game of thrones. It’s fab!”

Louise Linton also included hashtags of designer products; #roulandmouret, #tomford, #hermesscarf, #valentinorockstudheels, and #valentino. For all I know these two scumbags used a government military jet for a fucking shopping spree. This type of snobbery and possible theft will continue until government and military is destroyed completely.

The original response was full of spelling mistakes. Also, this would not be the first time that government military bureaucrats have wasted American serfs’ tax dollars. It is a known fact that many American politicians do not pay any taxes.

Government excess and or waste is nothing new. These two clowns claimed this was a government business trip. Her husband Steve Mnuchin is a former Goldman Sachs executive worth around reportedly five hundred million dollars.

Louise herself is an actress. Even her husband Steve has helped produce a hollyweird movie. Whether or not these two were on official government business is irrelevent to me.

These fucking human bureaucratic paper and pen terrorists, in the United States government military, should not be flying around in expensive military grade jets. There should be no government and military at all according to my standards. However, allowing these fuckers to benefit off of American tax dollars is disgusting to me.

These two snobs could have easily paid for their own shopping spree.

US Navy Battleships – John S McCain Collides With Singapore Ship

In perhaps an event of natural karma, a United States vessel named USS John McCain, collided with a commercial ship. Since I am anti-war and anti-military, then quite frankly I don’t feel sorrow for anyone involved in this incident. Allegely, ten military terrorists are missing after this supposed accident.

Five other crew members were supposedly injured. If the United States was not so obsessed with being an empire, perhaps I would not be blogging about it. This is not a brand new destroyer as has been incorrectly pointed out on the Internet.

Construction began on this United States Navy ship in nineteen ninety one. Also, this ship was first launced in September of nineteen ninety two. Some reports claim this destroyer collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Singapore.

The straight of Malacca is more specifically succinctly. The name of the merchant vessel is Alnic MC. This ship has been damaged but supposedly sailing back to port. The Alnic MC is a chemical and oil tanker weighing thirty thousand tons and length is six hundred feet.

Preliminary reports claim that this United States Navy destroyer was hit port side. A larg hole was seen in one photograph. The Alnic was registered with and flying a Liberian flag.

This accident occurs roughly just two months after another Naval ship, the Fitzgerald collided with a freightor off the coast of Japan. Also, the USS John McCain has been involved in controversial voyages recently. China condemned a voyage into the South China Sea near an island now controlled by them.

Another Navy cruiser in May, the Lake Champlain, collided with a fishing vessel from South Korea. In February, a guided missile vessel, the Antietam ran onto shore, spilling more than one thousand gallons of hydraulic fluid. Looks like Donald “Chump” Trump and the worlds largest terrorist organization, the United States military is indeed making America great again…lol

Although, I boycott politics and do not choose political sides.

East Lansing Michigan – Will Vote on a City Income Tax

Another bureaucratic entity in America up to no good. This time the East Lansing Michigan city council, proposed a November two thousand seventeen income tax ballot initiative. This domestic terrorist organization, wants to increase taxes one percent for residents and half of a percent for non-residents.

The State of Michigan has twenty two terror cells that force income tax on their serfs. No city dared pass an income tax since nineteen ninety four, until now. This corporation also known as a city government, is two hundred million dollars in debt.

That is NOT a typo. These clowns running this extortion racket, at least to me, have ran up a $200 million dollar debt. How the fuck do you get two hundred million dollars in debt and not cease and desist operations?

All serfs, I mean residents would get taxed one percent of all income they receive. Adding insult to injury, non-residents, whom work in this city, would be required to pay half of one percent, of all income they earn working in this pit of vipers. Property taxes would lower from 17 mills to maximum of 13 mills.

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce is actually requesting that this tax proposal be removed from a November ballot. Some local East Lansing Michigan business owners are threatening to move their businesses to a local city if this initiative passes. Netvantage Marketing managing partner Joe Ford is quoted:

“From our standpoint, for us to move would not be a very big deal.” We would do it within a year if this were to go through.”

This bureaucracy claims they will receive ten million dollars in additional revenue per year. However, since they plan on lowering property taxes, they will lose five million dollars per anum. That amounts to a five million dollar gain.

Quick math shows it would take at least forty years for this bureaucracy to balance their debt. That is if these humans running this extortion racket would be able to pay off five million dollars of debt each year. Who knows how much interest this domestic terror group actually owes each year on their debt(s).

Something doesn’t smell rotten in Denmark, something to me smells rotten in East Lansing, Michigan.

Miami Dolphin Mall – Placed Under Lockdown Without Any Real Proof

The system of mental illness charges forward. This time a shopping mall in Florida was placed under lockdown without any fucking proof. Even local police gestapo admit there was no evidence of a shooting.

No injuries. No shooter. No bullets.

You can’t make this shit up. Dolphin Mall, in Miami Dade County was placed under lockdown on this early Saturday evening. However, I found one Facebook witness claim she heard two gunshots.

Erin Galvez from Miami, Florida is quoted verbatim via Facebook:

“I was leaving the parking garage and there was a group of kids in blue shirts huddled up in a circle. I thought it was odd that they were all in circle right outside the parking garbage of section #2 (near old navy) a few seconds later we heard two gun shots. The kids started running and then other people started running to their cars.

I think those kids were up to no good.”

Later that evening even more police gestapo claims of an active shooter were not founded in reality. How can there be conflicting reports? There was either an active shooter or not.

This incident of course caused these serfs to stampede, literally out of this Dolphin Shopping Mall. Americans are some of the most paranoid humans on this planet. Shoppers claimed that gun shots were fired near Bass Pro Shops.

However, as of this blog post creation, no evidence of any shooting has been found. People on the Internet were spreading disinformation. They were claiming a photo from a two thousand fifteen training exercise was a photo of the Dolphin active shooter.

Portions of this mall as of 10 PM eastern time are still under lockdown. A one hour search was performed and no signs of a shooting were found. America, the land of the enserfed, home of the cowardice and paranoid.