Alina Orlova – & Alena Savchenko Torture Animals Causing Their Demise

White people up to no good yet again in their rigged hood. This time two white teen girls from Khabarovsk, Russia have been formaly arrested for animal torture against canines and felines. Many of these canines and felines were tortured to death.

These two white savages, named Alina Orlova and Alena Savchenko posted photographs and videos of them torturing and killing these animals. A few canines were seen hanging on a wall as if crucified. Some of these murdered animals had their guts removed by these two girls.

These two white Russian teen girls were not arrested until local citizens applied pressure via an online petition. Also, these girls were adopting these “stray” animals and then torturing them to death. One photo taken is of Alina covered with blood on her clothing and hands.

Alina even posted on social media how she was planning on murdering her own mother. She was wondering how long she would have to spend in prison. Alena’s family has close ties to local police gestapo.

Another photograph or video showed a feline getting it’s heart ripped out. Alina is aged seventeen. Another photograph shows one of these white animals threatening a feline with a knife.

This online petition had grown to nearly two hundred thousand signatures until these white Al Qaeda members were finally arrested. One report claims that Alena is aged twenty one. Alena Savchenko also used Kristina Hemp as an online alias.

Alena studied at College of Technology but was expelled. Alina studied at Pacific State University. Alina is actually a daughter of a Russian Air Force Colonel.

These two white russian girls have been charged with animal cruelty. However, I was not able to find out exact charges perhaps because of my lack of ability to read Russian.

Jeremy Batson – Ex Military Invades Home and Meets His Demise

Another white boy up to no good in his rigged hood. Thirty two year old Jeremy Batson broke into a private residence October twenty third two thousand sixteen. A struggle ensued with this home owner and Jeremy might his demise.

This white military terrorist was a former infantry sergeant in the United States Army. He actually served in Afghanistan. Perhaps this is natural karma.

Jeremy was wearing all black and wore a mask when he broke into a house around 4:15 am local time. This all transpired at 202 Little River Drive in Goldsboro, North Carolina. This homeowner and their family was awakened by their alarm system.

This white boy ex military died later at Vidant Medical Center. He was shot during a fight with this homeowner. Wayne County Sheriff’s gestapo have not released name of this homeowner.

A security alarm installed in this home actually went off twice. Second time this alarm system triggered this homeowner was met with an armed white thug. No word on whether or not this homeowner used his second amendment rights or not.

Jeremy was married and had a daughter. This homeowner actually called the gestapo after this incident occurred.

Christopher Taylor – Causes One Female Mother to Meet Her Demise

Another white boy up to no good in the system of white terror. This time thirty nine year old Christopher Taylor of Independence, Missouri, capped a twenty two year old white girl Whitney Gray to death. This all transpired in an alleged road rage incident.

Whitney had been grocery shopping nearby when Christopher followed her and eventually shot her to death at an intersection. Whitney had with her, two children along with a sixteen year old passenger. This white savage is being charged with second degree murder and armed criminal action.

Christopher was apprehended around seven hundred miles away in South Dakota. Authoritative gestapo claimed that a global positioning satellite device was used to tack down this white animal. They went to where he purchased this SUV and used that information to track him via global positioning satellite.

This white boy at one point traveled at a high rate of speed so close to his victim’s minivan, that a traffic accident almost ensued. Whitney then proceeded to stop in left turn lane of Winner Road and Sterling Avenue. Christopher shot her dead point blank with one bullet.

A sixteen month old boy, three year old boy, and sixteen year old girl were not injured. This white on white crime was corroborated to a certain extent, by this white boy’s father James Taylor. James claimed he became concerned after he heard of this incident and fact his son was not answering his calls.

His father claims Christopher was driving a 2004 Toyota Sequoia. Also, he inspected his son’s apartment and noticed missing assault style rifle, handgun and ammunition. His vehicle was not present.

This white boy is currently held at Pennington County Jail in Rapid City, South Dakota, pending extradition back to Missouri. No word on whether or not Christopher will fight extradition. Also, a court date has not been set as of yet.

Finally, no bond was set for this white boy.

Eddie Collins – in Florida Standoff Causes Two to Meet Their Demise

Another white boy up to no good in the system of white terror. This time forty two year old Eddie Collins caused himself and one other to meet their demise. This white boy and a woman were involved in a thirty two hour standoff with local Florence, Florida police gestapo.

This white boy barricaded himself in a Super eight motel room with a possible hostage. Although, gestapo claim Eddie Collins and Venita Keen may have been in a relationship. Eddie fired some caps at Special Weapons and Tactics which caused them to return fire.

These police gestapo are not sure if Eddie murdered Venita or that she was killed by Special Weapons and Tactics gun fire. Another man and woman inside this same motel room were injured but did not meet their demise. Room 116 is site of where this affair took place.

Police gestapo terrorists used tear gas on these people to force them out. Soon after Eddie came out firing. This incident transpired because local Laurderdale, Florida sheriff terrorists and United States Marshals Fugitive Task Force, were trying to serve five felony warrants against Eddie Collins.

Those warrants included four charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and one count of firing a missile or weapon into a vehicle or dwelling. Eddie had actually fired shots earlier that morning at these authoritative goons. Also, power was shut off at this Super eight motel after it was evacuated.

Eddie possibly had a total of four hostages with him inside this lone motel room. This white savage finally met his demise when he tried exiting out a back door while firing at gestapo goons. Police gestapo have now filed two attempted murder charges against Eddie, even though he is now dead.

Marissa Mayer – and Yahoo Spy on Americans For FBI NSA Government

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. This time a white girl Marissa Mayer, whom is chief extortion officer at Yahoo incorporated decided to spy on hundreds of millions of Yahoo mail users. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, and National Spy Agency submitted a classified request to Yahoo Inc.

Being the white girl that she is, Marissa did NOT disobey this order and actually complied. As a matter of fact, Yahoo Inc. built a secret special custom built software program, to search incoming Yahoo mail. Government military intelligence officials submitted these specifics to Yahoo.

No details of what these search terms were was released. Three former employees and a fourth person have blown the whistle on Marissa, FBI, NSA, Yahoo, etc. However, these four individuals have remained anonymous. This secret custom program, potentially allowed Yahoo and the government military to search all arriving emails for hundreds of millions of Yahoo email users.

US Intelligence terrorists wanted to search certain characters from incoming messages. No specific details were released as to what they were actually interested in. According to my information gathering, there were very few details of this spying apparatus.

Allegedly, this white girls compliance pissed off some Yahoo executives and may have caused former Chief Information Security Officer Alex Stamos, to leave and work for instead. Yahoo, Alex Stamos, and Office of the Director of National Intelligence all declined to comment on this affair, pun intended. Yahoo, Incorporated legal’s team received this classified request.

“I’ve never seen that, a wiretap in real time on a ‘selector.’ It would be really difficult for a provider to do that.”

said Albert Gidari, a lawyer who used to represent Internet and phone companies on surveillance issues. He represented these clients for over twenty years. Allegedly, the Federal Bureau of Insurgency and National Spy Agency submitted similar requests to other technology companies.

Leisa Wagner – Ties Her Own Mother up Who is Suffering Dementia

Another white on white affair, pun intended in the system of white terrorism. This time fifty year old Leisa Wagner tied her own mother up, that is suffering from dementia. Her mother is eighty years old and lives with this white woman.

Leisa faces charges of assault and unlawful imprisonment. Not only did this white girl tie her own mother up, but according to a Pierce County Superior Court affidavit, she tried strangling her. She became enraged that she had to help her mother use a bathroom too many times per day.

Leisa had tied a bedsheet around neck of her own mother. Local police gestapo arrived and found her mother still tied up in a chair with bedsheet wrapped around her neck. One witness to this incident was actually a family member whom recorded this incident with a smart phone.

This same family member witness over heard Leisa say:

“You need to stop going to the bathroom every five seconds. If you don’t stop giving me a hard time, I will tie you up and lock you in here and never let you out.”

This past Friday this white woman pleaded not guilty and was free on bail. Another report claims that Leisa beat up her mother. Also, another reports claims that she is fifty one years old not fifty.

This all transpired in Puyallup, Washington. I was not able to find this probable cause affidavit, but did find her case #16-1-03881-8. She was not charged with attempted murder.

Jeffrey Osborne – Meets Demise by His Own Son in South Carolina

Another white on white crime in Amerikkka. This time on September twenty eight two thousand sixteen, forty seven year old white man Jeffrey Osborne was shot dead by his own fourteen year old son. Also, this fourteen year old shot multiple people at a nearby elementary school.

He actually drove to this school and used a handgun. This fourteen year old white boy crashed this truck into a fence around Townville Elementary School near Charleston, South Carolina. His name has not been released.

Six year old Jacob hall was shot in his leg and is in critical condition. Another six year old boy was shot in his foot and released. A teacher was shot in their should and also released.

This elementary school brain white washes around two hundred eighty children. This white juvinile delinquent was arrested around 1:45 PM local time. This white teen boy was not able to enter this elementary school because teachers had locked all doors.

Students were bused to a nearby church. Classes at this temporary doctrination internment camp were cancelled for rest of this week. Local police gestapo arrived within seven minutes of a 911 emergency call from a teacher.

Police gestapo swarmed this school building and roof top. This white boy was not executed. Both victim and perpetrator were white.

Phillip High Bear – Met His Demise by CRST Gestapo For Being Drunk

Thirty Three year old Phillip High Bear was murdered by Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal police terrorists September fsixteen two thousand fifteen. Initially, he was arrested for being intoxicated. CRST gestapo placed him in a cell to sober up.

However, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Lieutenant Chad Olson, found Phillip suffering from respitory distress. He was then transported to Indian Health Service hospital in Eagle Butte, South Dakota. Phillips’ mother, Paula, was quoted as saying:

“He said when they brought him in he was unresponsive. The doctor said he worked and worked on him but was not able to revive him. He was all beat up.

They (CRST police) picked on him all the time. They beat him up twice before. He had long beautiful hair and he said, ‘Mom I want to cut my hair so they will stop pulling my hair.’”

Witnesses claim Phillip was drug on his stomach and maced when initially arrested by these goon thugs. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, a known domestic terrorist group in their own right and Bureau of Indian Affairs Internal Affairs are investigating. He leaves one daughter and son behind.

According to my intelligence gathering Chad Olson is a white man that denies Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal police beat Phillip to death. Phillip was aged thirty three years old at time of his demise. Also, when found dead he was handcuffed, hog tied, and had been maced.

According to James Swan, leader of the United Urban Warrior Society, jail inmates were quoted as saying:

“Leave him alone! Leave him alone!” and police gestapo responded with “Shut the fucK up or we’ll do the same to you!” Supposedly police terrorists were not suspended until after the Federal Bureau of Insurgencies cover up I mean investigation.

Robert Kuefler – Lived With Two Corpses For More Than One Year

A fifty nine year old white man was found living with two dead bodies for over a year. Robert Kuefler was arrested for suspicion of financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult. He was arrested and is now in Ramsey County Jail.

White Bear Lake, Minnesota police gestapo were responding to a report from a neighbor claiming that there was no activity at a house of 4700 block of Sandra Lane. They found one dead body on a main floor. Also, they found another dead body on a lower level.

Robert has not been formally charged with any of these deaths. Police gestapo claim these two individuals died from natural causes. This residence was home of his twin brother Richard Kuefler and his mother Evelyn Kuefler.

Robert admits both deceased persons were his brother and mother. He claims that he didn’t report their deaths because it was “too difficult”. He was arrested because he may have been processing payments that were attributed to his brother and mother.

Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s claim it may be weeks until they found out exact cause of these deaths. In interim they think these were natural deaths. Robert’s father Fenwick Kuefler had died in two thousand eleven.

These two brothers then moved into this house with their mother. Kay Anderson a neighbor was quoted as saying:

“Slowly, I saw them bring one body out and then I watched and I saw them go back in the house with the empty gurney so I knew then that there was another one in there.”

Robert Kuefler was not formally charged with any legal crimes.

Chris Craig – Former UTEP Athlete Threatens Utah Elementary School

A white boy that was a former University of Texas El Paso basketball player, threatened to bomb Eagle Valley elementary school. Utah County Sheriff gestapo have placed him under custody. However, they have yet to confirm that he is a suspect involved with this threat. Chris had emailed a local propaganda rag, the El Paso Times.

“Evacuate the kids and no one will get hurt. Will call 911 with a threat of an explosive and drive onto my 9yr olds elementary school, Eagle Valley Elementary, with a True Explosive. Was born into this world under the slave name of Christopher Craig.

Currently, I am known as The Radical Islamic Jihadist Muhammad Allah Al-Khidr. My reason for writing Today is because of my pending arrest and hunger strike which begins when I press send on this Discourse of Truth. In 2 hours, call Eagle Mountain PD in Eagle Mountain, UT if you think I am bluffing.

Ask them. Racism is the reason for my hunger strike, to take this conversation deeper, to The Truth, Core, and roots.”

This temporary internment camp also known as an elementary school was evacuated. Chris allegedly entered this school with a mask on and started making threats verbally. Kyla Moulton, a neighbor, broadcasted this incident live on Facebook.

She lives right across street from this school. Utah County Sheriff gestapo sent in a military tank along with Special Weapons And Tactics goons. A man wearing green clothing kept walking around this school.

No shots were fired at this man while Kyla was filming. Perhaps because police and sheriff gestapo knew he was a white man. Fifty minutes and fifty seven seconds of video coverage and not one shot was fired.

Also, this man was allowed to move freely and was never approached. Chris was actually basketball coach of Midland College from two thousand eleven to two thousand thirteen.