Aurora Century 16 – July 20 Shooting 5 Year Anniversary

The five year anniversary of the Aurora Century 16 movie theater shooting came and gone. I actually visited the candle light vigil two weeks after this shooting occurred on July 20, 2012. I visited this vigil during the daytime hours on a Friday afternoon.

There were twelve separate vigils one for each victim. There was NO police presence at this vigil site. However, across the street at the Aurora Century 16 movie theaters there were I would say around three to four Aurora, Colorado police gestapo.

I did NOT notice any other authoritative terrorists around ie. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, Sheriff, etc. The entire Aurora Century 16 movie theater parking lot was cordoned off with yellow police tape.

Even the back of this movie theater was cordoned off with police tape. The lunatic fringe truth movement claims this movie theater shooting was fake and that even the vigil was fake. The vigil was real as I witnessed it myself.

However, at that time I did NOT own an Apple iPhone or Google Android. I would have taken some pictures and video. There were probably around 20 people visiting this vigil while I was there.

This vigil was right across the street from the Aurora Century 16 movie theater at the corner of Sable Boulevard and East Centrepoint Drive. There is a vacant field in this location. The vigil was located on the corner on top of a small hill.

Each victim had there own separate vigil with photographs and an abundance of flowers and notes from visitors. Another interesting aspect was that later that year I had to attend court in the same building that James Holmes appeared in court. I actually attended court the very same day as I think his first court date was scheduled.

I have never seen so many police and sheriff gestapo terrorists in my life. I entered this building and some fucking white trash Sheriff terrorist demanded I take my sunglasses off. This was fucking bullshit because some Asian male walked in this shit hole building in front of me and was NOT requested to take his sunglasses off.

I think on the second or third floor of this building is where James Holmes attended his first court proceeding. The entire floor was made up of media whore propagandists and Sheriff terrorists. My lawyer and I were going to enter James Holmes court proceedings, but he decided he did NOT want to attend.

However, I saw with my own eyes that there was a real life court proceeding occurring for James Holmes. The lunatic fringe truth movement will claim that these court proceedings never existed or that actors were used in some kind of fake proceedings. I witnessed both the victims’ vigil and outside the courtroom with my very own eyes.

James Holmes murdered 12 individuals and injured seventy other individuals. Just another white boy perpetrating a public shooting. When are white people going to begin discussing one of America’s biggest problems, that being white on white criminality?

Perhaps never.

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