Arthur Peekel – of Phillips Exeter Academy Faces Several Charges

Another white man faces charges of child abuse. This time Arthur Peekel faces two misdemeanor counts of sexual assault. He sexually assaulted a white boy named Lawrence Jenkens way back in nineteen seventy three.

Lawrence was just fourteen years old. This white genetic defect, Arthur, quietly left this New Hamsphire prepatory school and moved to Chicago, Illinios. This white boy accused this nasty white man of sexual abuse, but obviously was never formally charged until two thousand sixteen.

Ironically, this white man won the nineteen ninety one nineteen ninety two, Illinois teacher of the year award for sodomy, I mean education. This white man now lives in Palatine, Illinois. He was released on a twenty five thousand fake federal reserve personal recognizance bail.

He was required to release his passport, sign a extradition waiver, and given a cease and desist contact with minors order. Arthur’s arraignment is scheduled for July five two thousand sixteen. This white pervert was quoted as saying:

“I invited [Jenkens] and another student to stay with me. I’m just sorry that I put him and another boy in a situation where they could have imagined something happened,”

White boy Lawrence alleges in nineteen seventy three that Arthur reached under bed covers, fondling this boy, and used this fourteen year olds hand to masterbate himself. This white boy was quoted verbatim concerning this incident:

“I was pretending I was asleep. I didn’t know what the hell to do,” Jenkens said. “I didn’t know where to run. I thought he was going to kill me.”

School officials way back in nineteen seventy three were notified. Also, appropriate parents were notified and yet this white man never faced legal ramifications. Statue of limitations would have expired twenty two years after this incident.

However, since Arthur moved to Illinois, this officially stopped this legal clock. Arthur faces up to two total years in prison and maximum fines of four thousand fake federal reserve notes.