Art Education Major – Teacher Jessie Goline Sex Assault Charge

Another white woman up to no good in her rigged hood. This time another white female teacher is facing charges related to statutory rape. Jessie Goline whom is twenty five years old is accused of performing sexual acts with four teen age boys.

She was an art education major teacher for both East Poinsett County School District and Marked Tree School District. She lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas with her husband. She cheated on her husband with multiple teen boys.

This is another pattern I have noticed with white women, they have a proclivity to cheat on their predominantly white husbands. Does Mary Letourneau, Debra Lafave, Carrie McCandless, etc. ring a bell, pun intended? This list of almost exclusively white females raping children grows on a daily basis.

I don’t know what it is with these white women. Many of them are often married. Jessie along with those three afore mentioned examples were all married at time of their behaviour. Also, this teacher that actually faces one count of first degree sexual assault.

She has on record admitted to fucking these teen boys. As a matter of fact she allegedly fucked two of these teen boys in the same day at her residence. Another interesting fact is that she is a Christian and used to write on her facebook about her Christiandom.

“bible study with these two is always lovely ? especially when we get to sit outside, eat delicious food & wonder why James 2:24 is worded that way ? #Lutheran I’m thankful for you both!”

Jessie Goline

Many christians are hypocrites and actual child rapists. Her Facebook profile has since been deleted since some serfs started commenting on her profile. If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen perhaps.

This all came to light, this past April, as a parent at one of these schools threatened bodily harm to this white female hoochie. She was arrested on September twenty two thousand seventeen. She only had to cover a five thousand dollar bond and of course was let out of jail to prey, pun intended, on other boys perhaps.

She faces her next court hearing on October thirty one two thousand seventeen. She faces ten to forty years or life in prison for this felony charge. I doubt she will actually serve any jail time.

I could certainly be wrong, but when studying these white women and their rape cases, many of them never serve time in prison. Although Mary Letourneau, did serve some time in prison for raping a twelve year old NOT white child. However, Debra Lafave did NOT serve any prison time.

Many of these white cheating statutory rapists, actually just get sentenced to probation. When reading into this incident, pun intended, it could be that she may have fucked three of those teen students, but they were over the age of consent. However, white people have rules when you are in a position of authority as a teacher, that your not supposed to fuck your victims I mean, students.

We shall see how this white affair, pun intended plays out.