Anthony Garver – Escapes Facility After Causing Woman’s Demise

Another white boy up to no good in the system of white terror. This time a twenty eight year old white boy escaped from a psychiatric facility. Anthony Garver murdered a female in two thousand thirteen.

However, this white cretin from hell, was found not competent for trial. He tied twenty year old Phillipa Evans-Lopez to a bed and stabbed her twenty four times to death. Anthony escaped Western State Hospital south of Tacoma, Washington with another white man.

As of time of this blog post creation, this white savage is still evading authority figures. This white boy is being supervised by Washington Department of Corrections. He was supposed to receive treatment at this hospital when he escaped just after dinner time.

A judge assigned this white animal to a lower security section of this hospital, after claiming mental health treatment, was not preparing him sufficient enough to stand trial. These two white clowns were not noticed as missing for an hour and a half. Anthony was placed in a section of this hospital that only performs hourly checks of patients.

A request to place him in a higher security section of this hospital was denied. Police terrorists were not called until one hour and forty five minutes after last time he was seen. Anthony Garver was competent enough to help his room mate remove bolts from a window and escape.

Also, Anthony was competent enough to purchase a grey hound ticket to Spokane, Washington using an alias of John Anderson. This room had a window that normally would only open with a key. Interestingly enough this room was only ten to twelve feet from the ground.

In two thousand six this white savage was released from federal prison after threatening to bomb a Department of Health and Human Services office in Spokane, Washington. Anthony threatened to kill a deputy prosecutor and the judge presiding over his case. Everett District Court Judge Roger Fisher was quoted verbatim about Anthony Garver:

“Scary, to say the least”