Anna Ritchie – Causes Boy to Meet Demise Using Scalding Hot Water

A twenty five year old white girl has caused her step son to parish on March sixteen two thousand sixteen. This translucent punished this child to a scalding hot bath around 8 PM local central time. This four year old boy lived in Franklin, Ohio with his biological father and step mother.

A local coroner claimed this boy died from burns sustained to his legs. Local police terrorists claim that this boy’s death was caused when he was forced to place his legs in scalding hot water. This death will allegedly be ruled a homicide by Franklin County Coroner’s office.

However, this white girl is only being charged with “endangering children”, which is a second degree felony. Why was she not charged with first degree murder? Especially, after police admit this scalding hot bath killed this boy.

Police claim they are still investigating this and further charges may be filed. This father was quoted as saying:

“I think my son died. He is stiff as a board.”

Anna is currently held in the Warren County Jail on a three hundred and fifty thousand dollar bond. She is scheduled to appear in court Friday March eighteen two thousand sixteen. Austin Cooper’s burns have been classified as third degree burns.

Police found his lifeless body in a baby crib this morning. A grand jury is whom may add additional charges, not local police terrorists. According to Warren County Ohio jail records Anna’s full name is Anna Marie Ritchie, born on September eighth nineteen ninety.

She is listed as a white female with 143 Boulder Drive, Franklin Ohio as her residence address. She can bond out but only with cash. Anna has not yet obtained legal counsel according to my report.