Andrew Joseph Stack – Was IRS Plane Crash a US Military Inside Job?

An “alleged” IRS tax plane crash that occurred on Thursday February 18th, 2010 in Austin Texas, an “alleged” lone gunman shooting of two middle school students on Tuesday February 23rd, 2010 in Littleton, Colorado, racism, white supremacy, and other subjects were discussed. Was that alleged Internal Revenue Service plane crash really an act of yet again a lone nut job? Was it really another false flag inside job perpetrated by the United States Government Military in order to justify more restrictions against Americans?

Joseph Stack supposedly crashed a Piper Cherokee PA-28 into an Internal Revenue Service building in Austin, Texas. Also, Mr. Stack allegedly burned down his house before crashing his plane into that Internal Revenue Service building. Vernon Hunter a black male perished from this incident.

After viewing “amateur” video coverage of this incident, I have quite a few doubts. Could a small Piper aluminum plane create all that damage as alleged by the United States Government Military? I am not disputing that Vernon Hunter lost his life or that perhaps even Andrew Stack did not perish.

I am disputing that this was an act of one person and physics involved. I was not there to witness, observe, or experience this supposed domestic terrorist act. Perhaps it was another terrorist act perpetrated by the United States Government Military.

The Deer Creek Middle school shooting did not include any fatalities. Bruco Strongeagle Eastwood was an alleged lone gunman nut job. Another school shooting allegedly perpetrated by a lone gunman.

This is not a first time that Deer Creek Middle school has been party to a school shooting. A similar incident occurred at this very same school in 1982. That time a student shot and killed another fellow student.

This 2010 shooting had some strange aspects, which are documented in Reality UnKnown episode #14. Are school shootings always just an act of a deranged lone gunman or gun woman? Are there more nefarious aspects to these shootings that the controlled news media does not report?

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