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  • From IGD Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Android | RSS In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we spoke with Frank, an ER doctor in the Northeast, who also is involved with the autonomous anti-capitalist space, Woodbine, about the coronavirus, how medical workers are dealing with the stress of the […]
  • from anarchists worldwide Heads Out of the Sand! Real Estate Companies Attacked. Two Real Estate Company Cars in Bremen Destroyed. Bremen: 21.03 to 22.03 We should stay at home and avoid any contact with others. We should show solidarity, because if we don’t, the deadly virus will spread. We get lost in the news. We […]
  • from anarchists worldwide While in Greece “states of exception” have not been uncommon –on the contrary, more or less we have been in an extraordinary, emergency regime of extreme austerity and repression due to the “debt crisis” since 2010– the recent biopolitical management of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic by the government seems to be increasingly authoritarian. […]
  • from anarchists worldwide No Evictions, No Security Control! Bosch and Dr. House Solutions Vehicles Torched There is no curfew yet, but while during the day people in parks and squares catch the first warm rays of sunshine, the streets are quiet and after dusk the streets seem to be empty. Life has withdrawn into the […]
  • via HAPAX blog, translation from anarchist news by NEZUMI The following are tentative thoughts written on the 9th of March, the least we can be sure of in considering the current state of affairs. According to Scott’s Against the Grain, what made epidemics a menace to humanity was agriculture and the simultaneous sedentarization that came […]
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