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  • Ray Stern | January 25, 2020 | 7:37pmPhoenix New Times Accused "Penis Man" graffiti tagger Dustin Shomer announced on Facebook early Saturday morning that "25 heavily armed SWAT officers" had arrested him on January 23 at his Phoenix condo. Tempe police confirmed on Saturday afternoon that they had arrested Shomer at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday. […]
  • In 2020 let us flip the script. Let us, in 2020 at a national gathering (somewhere in the middle of the continent between Texas and Chicago) and form a solid "big tent" anarchist gathering with these principles. 1) Let us be united in the purpose of demonstrating anarchism as a politics of action 2) Let […]
  • From Anews Podcast Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Android | RSS Welcome to the anews podcast. This podcast covers anarchist activity, ideas, and conversations from the previous week on sound editing by Greg, editorial by Chisel thanks to Aragorn! and friend for help with topic of the week (place). What’s New […]
  • From VICE Instead of trendy magnetic implants, the biohackers at 'Please Try This At Home' want to make biomedical bureaucracies obsolete. Walking into “Please Try This At Home” meant walking into a conference nothing like any I’d been to before. Instead of a bright, shiny convention center, I found a community center, jammed with writing […]
  • From Mute Magazine Interview conducted on September 12, 2019 by ACTA, on the occasion of the publication of Baschet’s new book on the Gilets Jaunes uprising, Une Juste colère. Interrompre la destruction du monde 1. I would like to begin by asking about the title of your book, or rather, its subtitle: “interrupting the destruction […]
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