Alex Jones Censorship – Designed to Censor All Americans?

Is the Alex Jones Censorship designed to censor all Americans and not just Alex Jones? In early August 2018, all of a sudden literally out of nowhere three fascist corrupt criminal billion dollar corporations censored Alex Jones from their platforms. On August 5th 2018, Apple removed the Alex Jones show iTunes feed.

Then on August sixth 2018, Facebook and Youtube both joined in on the censorship. Facebook removed four pages from Infowars and Alex Jones. Youtube terminated the official Alex Jones account.

As of the time of this blog post creation, that Youtube channel has still been terminated. I heard Alex Jones speak of the possibility that Youtube would reinstate his channel. However, obviously that has not occurred as of yet.

There were over ten crooked criminal corrupt fascist corporations that participated in this censorship. I have concluded that this was some type of coordinated effort. I do not believe in coincidences. Three of some of the largest technology platforms on the Internet just all of a sudden censored Infowars and Alex Jones.

Also, I think some collectivism transpired. Here are the full list of corporations that participated in this wave of communist socialist fascist censorship:

* Facebook
* YouTube
* Apple
* Google Podcast
* Spotify
* TuneIn
* Spreaker
* iHeartRadio
* Audioboom
* Pinterest
* MailChimp
* Stitcher
* Disqus
* Sprout Social
* LinkedIn
* Flickr
* Vimeo
* Shopify
* Criteo
* Tumblr
* RadioNet

All of the above criminal corporations joined in on the cluster fuck of censorship. I am not a fan of Alex Jones and Actually, I have concluded that he is some type of controlled opposition emissary agent.

However, this to me is still blatant censorship. My conclusion is that this is an agenda being pushed so that ALL Americans become censored. The system wants you to become accustomed to any form of censorship.

You never want any form of censorship in a real free society do you? Another aspect of this incident is that there are multiple media whore propagandists blatantly lying, claiming that this is not censorship. These militarized media outlets are claiming that this is just Alex Jones and Infowars violating the rules of each one of these platforms.

If this were the case, then why all of a sudden within days would all these platforms conclude that their rules were being violated? This is the furthest from the case. Let me include one prevalent definition of censor:

an official who examines material that is about to be released, such as books, movies, news, and art, and suppresses any parts that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.

synonyms: expurgator, bowdlerizer; examiner, inspector, editor

“the film censors”

As you can see in the definition above, it is NOT just government that can and will censor Americans. In the film industry for example there are “the film censors”. An individual can become censored at work, church, restaurant, by the police, by military, by government, at school, etc.

This is another reason why this reeks of an agenda. All of these corporations were able to silence one individual within minutes, hours, and days. This may NOT affect Alex Jones’ popularity since he has been broadcasting for more than twenty years.

However, if these same corporations perpetrate this level of censorship towards an average American, then yes I think this could become significant. Also, if the government military begins this wave of censorship it would be even more significant. The issue here to me is NOT Alex Jones and what he does or does NOT speak about.

The issue here to me is “FREE Speech”. Do these pathetic Americans want free speech and to live in a free society or not? This type of blatant censorship to me needs to become exposed with and dealt with.

However, to me most Americans are so heavily indoctrinated that the great majority of them may not even care and certainly would not rebel against this type of activity. However, to me there are some solutions readily available. Number one would be to defend free speech for all Americans whenever and where ever possible.

Number two would be to NOT snitch on other Americans based upon their free speech. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen Americans snitch on each other over free speech. As a matter of fact it was some of the customers of the service that actually pressured that criminal corporation to ban Alex Jones from their platform.

This was an obvious blatant form of snitching. Number three would be to boycott any of these and other corporations that would censor at this level. This may be more difficult for some people.

Also, perhaps you could quasi boycott some of these corporations. For example you could still use Youtube to watch content but then boycott it by not uploading any of your video content. These crooked criminal corporations need to be sent a message, that this type of censorship is not tolerable.

I definitely think individuals that work for these corporations should also be exposed as the traitors to free speech that they are. In conclusion I wanted to point out the fact that I also think that this is a right wing versus left wing political duality divide in conquer. The right wing including Alex Jones is blaming all this censorship on the left.

This is not accurate as media matters, a leftist media company had one of their videos deleted earlier this year. There have been some leftist’s being censored. Also, Twitter corporation initially claimed that Alex Jones did NOT violate any of their rules.

Since then they turned 180 degrees opposite and initiated a 7 day suspension of the Real Alex Jones twitter account. The Twitter chief extortion officer flip flopped. Alex Jones could not tweet nor retweet and his Twitter account was configured as read only.

I later read in an article that the Twitter chief extortion officer Jack Dorsey, the scum bag that he is admits he is leftist leaning. To me there is no difference between the left and right in America. Also, I see this incident as an attack on all Americans’ free speech.

We shall see in the days, weeks, and months ahead how much censorship is perpetrated towards an average American.

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