Alex Jones – a Controlled Opposition Disinformation Agent?

William “Bill” Cooper’s expose of Alex Jones’ year 2000 broadcast. Is Alex Jones a controlled opposition disinformation agent or cointelpro? Listen to Bill Cooper’s three hour and ten minute expose out on or other archive sites and decide for yourself.

I have spoken before about “ex” military Milton William Cooper possibly being controlled opposition as well. However, his expose of Alex Jones might be productive information, in order to attempt to fully understand him. Also, I was unable to find an original archive of Alex Jones’ December thirty first nineteen ninety nine year two thousand broadcast but Bill Cooper’s expose, has parts of this broadcast.

After listening to Alex Jones for around a year and a half quite religiously eg. literally everyday, I noticed a few occurrences in his broadcasts. He seemed to overtly use fear on so many levels. Also, when I would try to refute any of his claims myself, quite often I noticed his claims were exaggerations or out right unfounded.

His December thirty first nineteen ninety nine New Years Eve broadcast and his April two thousand nine swine flu broadcast’s are perfect examples of out right fear mongering. I think I even heard him claim during one of his swine flu broadcasts in early April of two thousand nine, that a billion people could become infected with swine flu. At that time I had been listening to his earlier broadcasts, more specifically his year two thousand broadcast.

Listening to his campaign of fear ie. his swine flu broadcast(s) was a final straw. I quit listening to his broadcasts of fear and furthered my independent studies of “the system”. My personal premise is that Alex Jones is a controlled opposition cointelpro disinformation emissary agent.

Although, I could be incorrect but that is how I interpret his broadcasts. Counter intelligence program has been around since 1950’s. Allegedly, it was created by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to counteract domestic activist groups.

Another aspect of Mr. Jones is his blatant misinformation on certain subjects. You will try to prove one of his points during one of his broadcasts and often times come up empty handed. This is to me intentional or just plain grandiose speaking.

To me his role is to steer his followers into a dead end or at least diffuse some of their energy.

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