Ahmad Al-Mohammad – Fake Syrian Passport Found in Paris Crisis

In days after an alleged crisis targeted towards Paris, France, supposed passports that proved some perpetrators of this event, turned out false. As a matter of fact these alleged Syrian Passports were fakes. So far two alleged suicide bombers previously were identified as Syrians.

French police terrorists have admitted that those passports were actually fake and possibly made in Turkey. Ahmad AlMohammad whom supposedly met his demise as a suicide attacker, was carrying a fake Syrian passport. Also, he allegedly entered Europe via Greece.

A second alleged suicide attacker, actually was a French citizen with family ties to Algeria. His name is allegedly Omar Ismail Mostefai. He is only perpetrator named publicly so far.

Political government military terrorists in America are now using those fake passports as justification to roll back or even deny any Syrian refugees from entering the United States of disgrace. So far there is no proof that any of those alleged suicide bombers were from Syria. Yet many white terrorist nation states like the United States, France, and Russia among others are calling for further military intervention in Syria.

As a matter of fact terrorists from France started airstrikes towards “ISIS” in Raqqa, Syria one day after Paris was supposedly attacked in multiple venues that included a Bataclan Concert Hall and Stade De France soccer stadium, on November thirteen two thousand fifteen. I’m not surprised that these white terrorist nation states would attack some people with color with such little to zero evidence to support any of their claims. This reeks of similarities to those events of September eleventh, when passports were also used to allegedly identify perpetrators of that false flag inside job.

Perhaps this latest Paris, France fiasco is another false flag inside job perpetrated by white people to continue their agenda of controlling and terrorizing people with color world wide.