Adam Tatum – Chattanooga Terrorists Agree to $125,000 Settlement

Chattanooga city and police terrorists agreed to reach a settlement with Adam Tatum. Mr. Tatum filed a $50 million lawsuit against Chattanooga city, police department, and individual police officers for an incident that transpired on November 12, 2012. He was brutally beaten, tased, and had both legs broken from a terrorist attack by possible white Al Qaeda.

The city of Chattanooga, a possible terrorist organization, agreed to pay $112,500 to Mr. Tatum if he dropped his lawsuit. Erlanger hospital will pay $2,500 and an anonymous source will pay remaining $10,000. Most charges against Adam Tatum will dropped with an exception of assaulting a terrorist I mean police officer.

This settlement was reached on December 11, 2013 and will become permenant on January 1, 2014. In an initial incident Mr. Tatum was brutally beaten with billy clubs, tased, pepper sprayed, punched, and had both legs broken. Police allege Adam Tatum accosted a fellow citizen, accompanied with a knife in his right hand.

Adam Tatum

This alleged knife was never inventoried and used as evidence against Mr. Tatum, when he was arrested and charged. None of the Chattanooga police terrorist organization, I mean department were ever charged with any wrong doing, not even assault. A grand jury decided not to pursue charging any police officers involved with any crimes.

Adam Tatum gets time served and most charges will be dropped except ironically assaulting a police officer. Nowhere in any video footage was I able to see him assaulting any police officer, let alone resisting arrest. While, Mr. Tatum perhaps did not have a perfect police record, by no means do I think this near death beating was ever warranted, pun intended.

Perhaps, this was another case of the criminal corrupt system in which we live in, just white washing another act of police terrorism, as well as possible white terrorism. Most officers involved from my dogmatic subject perspective appeared being white males, that inflicted physical harm on Mr. Tatum. Watch my short report below, whereby I discussed this settlement in greater detail.