Zeitgeist Films – Is Zeitgeist Movement a One World Government Con?

Zeitgeist, The Movie was created as not for profit expressions to communicate what an author felt were highly important social understandings, which most humans are generally not aware of. A first film focuses on suppressed historical and modern information about currently dominant social institutions, while also exploring what could be in store for humanity, if some power structures at large continue their patterns of self interest, corruption, and consolidation. Zeitgeist films fundamentally deal with a resource based economy.

After trying to analytically critically and cynically interpret these films, my opinion is that there already is a resource based economy. Although, under a zeitgeist model, money would no longer be used. Whom would control the Earth’s natural resources is one question that came to mind.

If it would be same group of individuals that are controlling the Earth’s resources now, would things really change and improve? Jacque Fresco is “ex” military serving in United States Army in early nineteen forties. Both Fresco and Roxanne Meadows have been involved with United Nations functions, even though Zeitgeist movement and Venus Project are basically opposed to using government entities in future centuries.

Another thing is that a resource based economy foundation also had ties to the United Nations. To me the United Nations is a one world government institution.

Founding members of Zeitgeist and Venus Project have been very reluctant in past of being transparent and divulging some of their future plans. This strikes as alarming to me because don’t you think future individuals living in a resource based economy without money have a right to know how it will be designed, function, operate, controlled, etc.? Overall, I do like some concepts in Zeitgeist films.

This current system to me is a disaster and perhaps will only get worse as time goes on. However, others have sounded an alarm that perhaps Zeitgeist really wants a one world communist system which could be worse then what is in place now. You can obtain all past Zeitgeist films for free from their official site.

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