Yishai Schlissel – White Homophobic Jew Stabs Six Homosexuals

A white homophobic Jewish male Yishai Schlissel, stabbed a group of people at a gay pride parade in Israel today. He supposedly stabbed a total of six gay and lesbians. This Israeli is an ultra orthodox Jew.

Yishai was just released from prison three weeks ago. He was serving a sentence for stabbing three homosexuals at this very same Jerusalem gay pride parade in two thousand five. He was sentenced for twelve years, but was released early.

Allegedly, two of his victims are in serious condition. His conviction in two thousand five was for attempted murder. Much of this two thousand fifteen incident was captured by a photographer.

He had a knife under his coat and started stabbing people before he was apprehended. This parade continued as planned after this commotion ended. This Jerusalem gay pride parade was supposedly heavily secured by police but this white Jew was able to still stab six individuals.

The Israeli Supreme Court shortened his sentence to ten years in two thousand seven. After his prison release he went back to his old ways of homophobia by creating pamphlets opposed to this parade. He was even asking others to risk life and imprisonment so that this parade would not occur.

Allegedly, thousands of people participated in this parade march. Israeli police new this white Jew Yishai Schlissel was recently released. Also, they were not allowed to stalk him I mean track him because of jurisdiction.

In Israel sometimes when a person is sentenced, they are then required to report to a police station. Since he had previously stabbed homosexuals, at this very same gay pride march in two thousand five, then he would have had to appear at a police station during time of this parade. Police did not use this type of tactic with him.