What is The Deep State?

What is the deep state you ask? I had NOT heard the term deep state until sometime in 2016. The puppet theater in the United States of America obsessively compulsively started using the term “Deep State”.

This term may have originally been used in Turkey and derived from two Arabic words. I do NOT speak Arabic. I can not read the and understand the Arabic language.

However, supposedly deep state is an English transliteration of derin devlet which means deep sovereign polity and or state. Here is one definition of Deep State from Cambridge dictionary:

deep state
noun [ C usually singular ] UK ? /?di?p ?ste?t/ US ? /?di?p ?ste?t/
organizations such as military, police, or political groups that are said to work secretly in order to protect particular interests and to rule a country without being elected:

The idea that there is a deep state governing behind the scenes is dismissed by some as a conspiracy theory.


The so-called deep state, made up of ruling elites from the military, judicial branch, business and media, has long wielded tremendous power behind the scenes.

The subject of his book is the so-called “deep state” that allegedly operates behind the country’s democracy.

The term “deep state” gained popularity in some circles during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election in opposition to mainstream Republican and Democratic candidates.

He writes that the deep state draws power from the national security and intelligence communities.

I have concluded that the Deep State is just another white herring divide and conquer tactic. The system wants you to make a choice between the Repugnants and Demoncraps in the United States of America. When you choose a side then you are to fight with the opposite side.

Meanwhile, the military dictatorship in the United States of America continues to steam roll around and along the entire world. The current popular usage of the Deep State is describing some Democratic Party conspiracy against the Republican party by former members Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc. This is laughable to me because I have concluded that America is a government military dictatorship.

These puppet politicians, while being extremely corrupt criminal crooks, do NOT run the United States. Currently contemporarily a large amount of right wing Donald “Chump” Trump supporters subscribe to some kind of “Deep State” conspiracy perpetrated by the Democratic Party. A former Republican Congressman Mike Lofgren wrote a book titled “The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and The Rise of a Shadow Government”.

You have here a right wing Republican writing a book about some kind of conspiracy dealing with a shadow government. This to me is the same age old bullshit called the left versus the right paradigm. This book was first published February 21, 2014 a full two years before the Deep State narrative hysteria began in the United States of America.

I reject politics entirely and think that it is completely rigged. Not only that but politics to me is nothing more than in fighting. Politics to me is poisonous to my health, so I reject politics entirely.

Do I think that there is a Deep State? Yes and No. I think the United states of America is a government military dictatorship.

The government to me is just a front for the military, whom are the ones that control America. Is this what the Deep State is? Perhaps it is, however most times in context the Deep State is not defined the way I have defined America.

There could be a Deep State for all I know. However, I reject the Deep State being just the proverbial puppet theater political left versus right dog and pony show. Also, another point of contention.

I do NOT like just parroting verbatim terms that other Americans use. I very rarely use that term Deep State in my lexicon. I am more blunt and to the point.

I think America is a military dictatorship. That type of statement to me leaves no doubt. Terms like imperialism, colonialism, shadow government, new world order, deep state, etc. are vague. Even the term white supremacy is more in your face and blunt to the point.

The system of control in my opinion manufactures neat terms like Deep State for the serfs, proletariat, slaves, feudal lord worshipers, sheep, etc. to parrot verbatim. Also, I have noticed these terms become popularized out of nowhere. Americans do not even question the origins of these terms.

The Turkish military, government, and organized crime were connected in drug trafficking. The 1996 Susurluk scandal exposed this relationship. It is possible to me that the term Deep State is even older than what is known.

I just never heard of this term until 2016, so I finally decided to investigate the origin of this term. This term to me is as annoying as the term New World Order. I rarely utter the terms New World Order or Deep State.

The Deep State hysteria to me currently is more of the same left versus right garbage. If the puppet presidency changes to a Republican, will the left blame the right for perpetrating a Deep State conspiracy in the future? Perhaps but my point is that the left versus the right is a smoke screen.

There is NO difference between the left and the right in the United States of America. The media in America also plays along with this left versus right mental paradigm. I have concluded that the left versus right even in the militarized media is a two valued logical fallacy, designed to distract Americans.

Do not pay attention to the wizard. Do not look behind the curtain. You are supposed to only worry about the wicked witch of the west or Glinda the benevolent witch. Americans love mysteries and so perhaps the Deep State is another mystery novel.

I was however fascinated to find out that this term originated from another nation state, Turkey. I wonder if Turkey is just another military dictatorship and uses politics political puppet theater as a ruse to dupe the local citizenry?

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