Washington State University – White Supremacist James Allsup

Another student protestor from the Unite The Right fiasco, has been outed as a white supremacist. This time James Allsup a student from Washington State University has been outed. He was president of the Washington State University republicans.

He was forced to step down after he was outed as a white terrorist. He is aged twenty one and graduated from Bothell High School. In an interview since the white terrorist attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August two thousand seventeen, he claimed he is a paleoconservative or right wing libertarian.

Alex Jones, whom to me is another white supremacist, has used the same terms to indentify his political leaning. James gave a speech at the Unite The White rally. Also, he is friends with another white terrorist, nicknamed baked alaska.

He has received over twenty million views on his YouTube channel. James Allsup has been replaced as leader of the Washington State University Republicans. Not that I care about politics.

According to his Linkedin profile, James is a Senior Advisor at Students for Chump, I mean Trump. He is campaign manager for Hailey Roemer for Representative. James Allsup removed a YouTube video indicting him as a racist.

However, this video was uploaded to another YouTube channel. It documents James accompanying other white terrorists. James has since denied being a racist white supremacist.

He hosts a three times per week podcast, Western Sun Radio. I think he currently resides in Pullman, Washington. James was photographed with two thousand sixteen presidential candidate Rand Paul.

He brags about how gofundme had banned him. He has both hatreon and patreon accounts. If you are a person with color I recommend that you not fund directly or even indirectly these white terrorists like James Allsup.

James is an equal opportunity hater by making sexist, anti jewish, and transphobic comments on his Facebook profile. He even dressed up as a fake border patrol agent, to show his disgust for Mexicans. Finally, some people are claiming that James has an asian parent.

This was brought up in that YouTube video I linked to above that indicted this racist. I was not able to independently verify whether or not he has an asian parent. Not to indict any people with color, but me personally I was adopted by white people, whom turned out white supremacist themselves.

I am NOT a white person myself and was born in Colombia. I have noticed a pattern, with many persons that have just one white parent, will often defend white supremacy.