Was Russian Warplane Really Downed by Turkey?

That abstract nation state of Turkey alleges that their military was left with no choice but to shoot down a Russian jet, that invaded Turkey’s airspace, today November twenty four two thousand fifteen. Vladimir Putin and Russia claim that actually one of their fighter jets was shot down over Syria. However, Turkey and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which to me is another terrorist organization, claims otherwise.

The white Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization is quoted as saying pertaining to this incident:

“The Allied assessments we have got from several Allies during the day are consistent with information we have been provided with from Turkey. So the information we have from other Allies is consistent with what we have got from Turkey.”

Allegedly, Russia has violated Turkey’s airspace previously in their white supremacist bombing campaigns in Syria. Vladimir Putin a former Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti director verified a validity of a Russian jet being shot down by Turkey’s military. However, Vladimir disputes exactly where this jet was downed.

He claims this warplane was nullified four kilometers inside Syria’s border. Vladimir Putin when on to accuse Turkey of “backstabbing” Russia and also of financing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Israeli Secret Intelligence Service to some. Allegedly, one of two total Russian pilots met their demise.

Supposedly, their is video of both a Russian jet fighter getting shot down and one deceased Russian pilot. Allegedly, North Atlantic Treaty Organization hosted an impromptu secret I mean emergency meeting concerning this affair, pun intended. Turkey is allied with the terrorist organization known as the United States government military and twenty seven other white encaves I mean enclaves.

Russia allegedly has been invading airspace of other “sovereign” nation states in Europe during this invasion of Syria and even in past recent years. However, North Atlantic Treaty Organization has a common goal of terrorizing people with color in Syria, I mean fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant with Russia.