Ward Churchill – Ex Military a White Man and Not Native American?

Ward Churchill is perhaps a controversial figure in many different ways. This man claims that he is native american. However, these claims have come into question many times before.

Is Ward Churchill really a white man portraying himself as a native american? Ward is actually ex military. He was drafted into the United States Army in nineteen sixty six. He did not try to dodge this draft.

According to himself, Ward volunteered for the Vietnam War. He was discharged from the United States Army in nineteen sixty eight. Ward was Professor of Ethnic Studies at University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado from nineteen ninety until two thousand seven.

Ward has claimed most of his life that he is from Native American indian ancestry. Ward’s birth parents were both listed as white in a nineteen thirty census. Also, his grand father with his same first and last name was listed as white in a nineteen twenty census.

On his military records he is listed as caucasian which is another term for white. All except two of his great great grand parents were listed white on census and other official documents. Ward has never allowed blood testing to confirm his alleged indegenous roots.

He has claimed at least three different degrees of indegenous roots. One occasion he claimed he was 1/8th Creek and 1/16th Cherokee. A second occasion he claimed he was 1/16th Creek and Cherokee.

A third occasion he claimed he was “Muscogee and Creek descent on my father’s side, Cherokee on my mother’s.” Finally, a fourth claim is that he is 3/16th Cherokee. Ward claimed that he was a blood member of United Keetoowah Band, which the United States government military officially designates as Cherokee.

However, this group only gave him an honorary membership after he declined to give them evidence of his indegenous ancestry.