Walter Palmer – White Man Denies Killing Famed African Lion Cecil

A fifty five year old white man, from Bloomington, Minnesota, has denied killing a famous lion in Africa named Cecil. He does not deny shooting this lion, but he claims that it was an accident. Cecil’s home was Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

Allegedly, Walter Palmer paid thirty five thousand pounds to murder this animal. This lion was lured out of this national park. Later, this animal’s head and skin was removed.

White people are famous for murdering people with color. What might be under reported is how they are also famous for murdering animals for sport. This white man is a sport hunter, so murdering animals for trophies is nothing new to him.

He has a River Bluff Dental practice in Bloomington, Minnesota. Originally, a Spanish male was suspected until cross hairs, pun intended, were pointed towards Walter Palmer. Another white man Theo Bronkhorst professional murderer I mean hunter with Bushman Safaris, is facing criminal charges.

This lion was allegedly shot with a bow and arrow at night. Next day this animal was then executed, beheaded, and skinned. This is not first time Walter Palmer has broken rules concerning killing of animals.

In two thousand and nine he was sentenced to one year probation for lying about shooting a black bear in a restricted area. He has routinely paid in upwards of fifty thousand dollars to murder animals for sport. This white man has been publicly absconded, since his latest killing, on the Internet.

He has even received some death threats. Some people think he will walk free of any charges as it is often difficult to hold sport hunters liable. His River Bluff Dental practice is closed and a website attributable to it has been shutdown.

Walter Palmer
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