Albuquerque New Mexico Unmarked Police Or Sheriff Gestapo Goons

Posted 4 weeks ago by Reality UnKnown

I was minding my own business, obtaining vitamin D, when four police or sheriff gestapo goon terrorists walked by me. I investigated further and two of them entered an unmarked vehicle and drove away. American cities have laws against police using unmarked vehicles.

Three of the four goons to me were not white. The female looked WHITE to me when I initially glanced at her. Also, she was wearing a different type uniform compared to the other three male goons.

People with color are often times sellouts in America. I avoid ALL authoritative terrorists in America. That includes police, sheriff, military, etc. After further inspection of my own video, the female may have been Latina or WHITE Latina.

She may have been a higher grade goon. She may have had a superior position to the other goons, hence her different uniform. I will have to investigate her uniform further.

People with color cannot be trusted with authority positions in my world. Also, I do NOT feel safe with so many armed mental midgets. Nazi Germany had thousands of armed authority figures and look how that society turned out.

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