Venus Project – Venus Project Real or United Nations Propaganda?

Is a Venus project a productive and potential replacement of a current system planet Earth is using? The Venus project is lead by basically Jacque Fresco and Roxanne meadows. They also have a perhaps symbolic relationship with the zeitgeist movement.

Venus project is centered around a resource based economy. A high tech civilization where allegedly all persons would be treated equal. Basically, concepts like money, politics, government would be phased out.

Cities would be built from a ground up and modernized when needed. Concepts like capitalism, communism, socialism would be phased out so that instead of constructing a controlled society a new society would be formed not out of power but necessity. Technology could be used to lessen death, famine, problems, etc. instead of creating more problems.

Basically, Venus project purports to have solutions for a current problematic system. Buyer beware though according to some, as there have been some alleged ties with Venus project to the United Nations. Why would a project that claims they want to dismantle social constructs like government meet with and associate with a world government body like the United Nations?

Jacque Fresco and his cohort Roxanne Meadows had met with officials from the United Nations and even attended an officially sanctioned United Nations event. Also, a resource based economy foundation had nefarious ties to the United Nations. Many individuals whom have read a United Nations agenda twenty one document have concluded that the Venus project could be United Nations agenda twenty one in disguise.

Perhaps it is up to each individual to decide whether or not the Venus project is a legitimate solution to a current conundrum. Do you think that a Venus project has real solutions or is it United Nations propaganda? Feel free to comment below about what your position is on this question.

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  1. International cooperation and tyrannical government imposed onto people “for the greater good” are two very different things. One is called Freedom and the other Communism. This is yet Another assault on Representative Governance and the basic rights of each Individual. Just like the UN’s “declaration of international human rights” their “system” rejects the right to Free Speech and right to arm yourself. Nuff said.

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