Valeska Griffiths – Films White Canadian Attack Person With Color

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. This time a white boy in Toronto, Canada attacked a person with color verbally on November fourteen two thousand sixteen. A white girl named Valeska Griffiths started filming this incident as it transpired.

She witnessed an anonymous white boy verbally assault a person with color on a Toronto Car streetcar. Here are a collection of quotes from this video:

“You’re a little bitch, eh. Welcome to Canada. Don’t worry bro, I remember your face, I promise you. On Jesus, I promise you.

This guy, who doesn’t even know what ‘yes’ or ‘no’ means. He’s not from around this town; I can tell by his face. The next time you punch me in the face, you’re getting buried. You’re getting buried.

Go back to your fucking country. It’s not. It’s gonna end with his teeth on the fucking ground.

Are you stupid? Are you stupid? Are you stupid?”

This white terrorist attack occurred on 512 Saint Clair streetcar when it stopped at Glenholme Street and Saint Clair Avenue. Two white female witnesses claimed that this not white victim did NOT punch and or assault this white Al Qaeda member. Allegedly, this person with color intervened when this white boy and another white woman became involved in a dispute.

You see this other white girl asked him to turn down his loud music. Later on in this video this white boy admitted he was white by labeling himself white. Also, off camera Valeska claims she saw this white boy brush up against this person with color.

Local police gestapo intervened and allowed this male with color back on this streetcar. Neither person is facing legal charges. I was not able to find out this white boy’s name.