University of Utah Health Care – Nurse Alex Wubbels False Arrest

The system of white terrorism steam rolls ahead. This time another white on white confrontation took place, in Utah. A University of Utah Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels was falsely arrested by a white Salt Lake City police gestapo terrorist named Jeff L. Payne.

This female was white as well. This gestapo goon Jeff was allegedly investigating a car accident. Part of his supposed investigation was to demand a blood sample from a sedated patient.

However, this is not legal for a police jack booted thug to just demand a blood sample from a hospital patient. I have talked about and written about at great lengths, on how white people will when necessary make shit up as they go along. Here to me is another excellent example.

This nurse stood her ground so to speak. This hospital’s policy with regards to blood sample requests falls under three basics. They do NOT release any blood samples to anyone unless:

* Patient is under arrest
* Patient consent
* Police search warrant signed by a judge

This police gestapo demanded that Alex release a blood sample to him as part of his alleged “investigation”. She kept declining his illegal request to no avail. She even soliceted approval from other hospital management.

This white terrorist, Jeff L. Payne, then began to threaten her with arrest. Threatening an arrest on a person to get what you want out of them might be another illegal tactic that this gestapo scum used. Abusing your status as an authority figure comes to mind.

Anyways, eventually this white man arrested this white woman in a rough manner that was caught on video. Two to three other white male hospital staff tried to diffuse this situation and talk some sense to the wild white savage Jeff. He preceded with the false arrest and even claimed that this nurse was interfering with his investigation.

Why was this police gestapo so obsessed with obtaining a blood sample without going through the proverbial white rules? Perhaps he was trying to access evidence first, to try to cover something up? Who knows I don’t know.

“If I don’t get to get the blood, I’m taking her to jail. I either go away with blood in vials or body in tow. That’s my only two choices.”

Lame apologies from two bureaucrats, Salt Lake City mayor Jackie Biskupski, and police gestapo chief Mike Brown. By the way similar tactics were used in Nazi Germany by their police goons. This gestapo terrorist has since been placed on administrative leave.

Another police gestapo member was placed on administrative leave after this kidnapping. I am not defending this white woman, but merily reporting. To me it is very possible that these two goons are still receiving compensation as we speak.

A driver fleeing from police died and that is why this police goon was investigating this particular patient. This patient was involved in a vehicle accident caused by the fleeing driver. Many americans die needlessly running from police terrorists in America each year.

To me the system of white terrorism is all about control. Lives could be saved by police not getting involved in dangerous high speed pursuits. To me there is no reason to pursue a suspect at such high speed, while endangering other citizens as long as that individual did not hurt or kill anyone.

I often wonder if these white people running this system ever use any logic? This white woman Alex, was never actually officially arrested. She was detained and placed in handcuffs for around twenty minutes.

In other words she was kidnapped by a stranger with a weapon. There are at least two different videos of this incident. One from Jeff the police terrorist’s body cam.

A second police terrorist body cam video footage. Perhaps this was two white people butting heads authoritatively. Who knows I don’t know, but this is very useful video footage for people with color to view.