United States Military Academy – Bans Pillow Fights Between Cadets

On November twenty two thousand fifteen a an organization that harbors future military terrorists, also known as West Point, decided to ban “Unprofessional Spirit Events”. An August twenty two thousand fifteen pillow fight, among cadets, caused more than two dozen injuries supposedly. The United States Military Academy decided to ban pillow fights as well as “Unprofessional Spirit Events” for a foreseeable future.

These events must be sanctioned by military personnel. A military terrorist named Colonel Karl Meyer, Ph.D is quoted as saying:

“The pillow fight is not an officially sanctioned event (and is) not based on any recorded tradition,”

Cadets may face disciplinary action if they

“have been a part of in initiating, coordinating or taking part in the event in any capacity.”

An investigation was allegedly performed after thirty future military savages from West Point were injured in a large scale pillow fight. Twenty Four of these clowns actually received concussions. The United States Army denied that these injuries were caused by hard metallic objects placed into pillows initially.

However, military police identified one cadet that injured and individual with a hard object inside a pillow case. Doctors whom treated these violent savages denied they noticed any injuries conducive with hard and or metal objects.

“stated explicitly that the injuries…were not consistent with having been struck by hard objects like helmets, lock boxes, flashlights or other objects…rumored to have been in the pillow cases,


“Many injuries were the result of Cadets having been hit by elbows or other body parts during the scuffle of the pillow fight or from simply falling or being knocked to the ground,”


“Cadets had been struck by hard objects, they would have expected to see fractures, hematomas or lacerations.”

Allegedly, cadets involved in these savage actions might face actions by The United States Military Action. Perhaps this institution of violence and future murderers could be abolished instead.