UNC Chapel Hill – Deny White Supremacist Richard B Spencer Speech

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus has denied white supremacist terrorist Richard B. Spencer from speaking on their campus. This decision was made August thirty two thousand seventeen. Richard claims he and his National Policy Institute organization would submit a lawsuit.

Richard has had a federal step in at the eleventh hour before and protect his free speech. I think it is possible that this white supremacist will be allowed to speak. I could certainly be wrong.

Richard B. Spencer was in attendance during the white terrorist attacks that transpired earlier in August in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Chancellor at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill claims that she decided to veto Richard to avoid potential violence. Carol L. Folt’s memo is quoted verbatim:

Message from Chancellor Carol L. Folt on outside speaker decision

Dear Campus Community:

Because of serious concerns about campus safety, I have declined a request from the National Policy Institute to rent space for Richard Spencer to speak on campus.

I made this decision after consultation with UNC Police and local and state law enforcement agencies who have thoroughly assessed the risks such an event could bring to Carolina. Our basis for this decision is the safety and security of the campus community—we are not willing to risk anyone’s safety in light of these known risks.

I am deeply saddened and disturbed that the violent and virulent rhetoric being espoused by extremist groups has jeopardized the ability of campuses to promote robust dialogue and debate about important issues while ensuring public safety.

One way to counter this is to promote and encourage our campus community to engage in constructive conversation. I hope as many of you as possible will help kick off this year’s Carolina Conversations on Wednesday, Sept. 6, with a program called “The First Amendment and Free Speech at UNC.” This discussion will explore topics including what the First Amendment protects at a public university. More details are available at the UNC Diversity and Inclusion website.

Thank you for your attention to this important update.


Carol L. Folt

I was not able to find out when this white Al Qaeda member was requesting to rent space for a klan rally, I mean free speech rally. Perhaps it was September six two thousand seventeen to coincide with this campus’s “The First Amendment and Free Speech at UNC”. Who knows, I don’t know.