Umpqua Community College – Massive School Shooting in Oregon

Another mass school shooting allegedly transpired today October first two thousand fifteen. Thirteen people were supposedly met their demise and twenty total were shot. An alleged lone wolf gunman conveniently met his demise.

This gunman which has not yet been identified was allegedly twenty years old. He supposedly was armed with four guns, three handguns and one ArmaLite fifteen. Supposedly, most of this incident transpired in Snyder Hall at Umpqua Communit College, in Roseburg, Oregon.

As is per usual in white people’s white AmeriKKKa colony, other terrorist organizations conspired I mean assisted in a post shooting narrative I mean investigation. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the United States Marshals Service all joined local police and Douglas County Sheriffs. This alleged white male gunman was nullified miraculously within nine minutes of an emergency 911 call, after supposedly exchanging gunfire with police terrorists.

This alleged 911 call transpired at 10:38 AM Eastern time. Propagandists I mean reporters are claiming this lone wolf gunman shooter warned of his intentions on Internat message board 4chan. This brain white washing paid for temporary internment camp houses three thousand three hundred full time robots I mean students and up to sixteen thousand part time students.

Allegedly, students and faculty members were bused to Douglas County Fairgrounds. Also, as is per usual in this white colony, this facility was placed on lockdown and citizenry had their natural rights to travel freely impeded upon. Some media propaganda whores are claiming that this gunman was misogynist in nature and even referenced Elliot Rodgers.

I guess in a perverted nation state such as America, if you cannot fornicate then you immediately take out your frustrations on innocent people. What is most interesting to me is that many propaganda media whore outlets and rags claim they know intimate details about this alleged lone wolf gunman. Also, his real name has yet to have been released and these propaganda whores admit they don’t know if he is a perpetrator.