Two Houston Airline Flight Threats Not Credible Part of Drills?

More wacky drama in America today. Two airline flight threats originating out of Houston Texas were not deemed credible. One witness claimed he thought one incident was a drill.

Jerry Bridges, a construction worker at Los Angeles International airport claims he has noticed an increase in drills since a recent international airlines crash. When police terrorists were dispatched to a false alarm at this airport on May twenty four two thousand sixteen, he thought they were practicing for a drill. Special Weapons and Tactics terrorists boarded and searched this plane with weapons drawn.

Seventy six passengers on American Airlines plus four crew members had to put up with this absurdity. A Delta Airlines flight two twenty seven was allegedly threatened via phone. Neither threats ended up being credible.

However, no armed terrorists were involved in this incident as passengers and their baggage were screened a second time. Allegedly, the Transportation Security Administration received the first threat. However, they refused to release any informative details.

Laura Eimiller, spokesperson for TSA claimed that the Federal Bureau of Insurgency would handle this investigation. This airlines jet sat on a tarmac for an hour before it was searched. This was an alleged bomb threat phoned in and passed on to this Houston international airport.