Tawantinsuyu Nation – Co-Founder Amaru Discusses True Liberation

What exactly does Tawantinsuyu mean? Tawantinsuyu is the name Inca gave their territory. Tawa equals four, Inti equals sun, and Suyu equals direction.

The four directions under the sun. Present day South America is also known as Tawantinsuyu Nation. European terrorists renamed Tawantinsuyu to South America during colonization in that area in late fourteen hundreds.

Also, Europeans started labeling people of color during colonization hispanic, latino, mestizo, etc. Tawantinsuyu Nation prefers Nican Tlaca, which is allegedly what indigenous peoples called themselves, before the white terrorists arrived. Since early colonization, many people of color, have been displaced to other white colonies, including myself.

I was born in what is now referred to as Bogota, Colombia. I was forced to migrate to the United States, in nineteen seventy five. Colombia is a white supremacist label, named after Christopher Columbus, a well known European terrorist.

Amaru Tawantinsuyu

Most of Tawantinsuyu Nation or South America, is still colonized by white supremacists. Tawantinsuyu Nation regards education, learning their history, and liberation as important in fighting white supremacy. Many parts of South America or Tawantinsuyu has been ravaged by death, murder, poverty, drug use, etc. similar to other parts of the planet that houses people of color.

Tawantinsuyu Nation works together in partnership with the Mexica Movement. I have now had the pleasure of interviewing a Co-Founder of Tawantinsuyu Nation, as well as a long standing member of the Mexica Movement. Classes, discussions, protests, etc. are held on multiple continents by Nican Tlaca.

White colonization never stopped with just 1492, it moves forward to this day. I think it is very productive liberating from a current system of white supremacy or as I often refer to it as a system of white terrorism. I’m not a big fan of labels, however even creating your own flag, name, label, identity, etc. can be perhaps a revolutionary act.

Tawantinsuyu Nation contemporarily was founded by Amaru and Awqapuma. Do you think white terrorism still exists? If your answer is yes, then listen to my interview of Amaru, the co-founder of Tawantinsuyu Nation.