Stonecrest Mall – Fiasco Causes This Shopping Venue to Shutdown

Another alleged shooting incident at a shopping mall in white people’s system of white terrorism. This time this supposed incident transpired on December twenty six two thousand fifteen. Supposedly, groups of teenagers perpetrated a fight in a food court at the Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia, Georgia.

Allegedly, two opposing groups of teens started squabbing when one pulled out a gat and fired some caps. This caused bedlam in Georgia and these capitalistic whores ran for the exits. Supposedly, this scene caused a large traffic jam afterwards.

Some witnesses claimed they heard two gunshots. Some of these capitalistic whore shops were placed on lockdown. Local police terrorists claim no individuals were hurt in this fiasco.

One alleged witness, Steven Hendricks, was quoted as saying:

“I saw a bunch of kids running and screaming. I thought it was a fight. Next thing I know I hear bullets flying and glass shattering,” I thought, I need to go get the kids because if something happened to them I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

Dekalb County police terrorists are supposedly putting down their coffee and donuts for once and searching for suspect(s). Drama at Stonecrest Mall did not cease and desist just yet. Hours, later a small fire started at a makeup counter of a mall store.

Local firefighters were able to stifle this small blaze. As is proverbial recently from this rash of shopping mall shootings in the United States of disgrace, this incident caused a stamped of capitalistic cattle. This alleged shooting perpetrated by a lone wolf nut job gunman supposedly occurred around 5 PM local Eastern time.

Media propaganda whore outlet Faux Pas News also known as FOX News supposedly obtained cell phone video of this incident showing a melee with shots fired ensuing. No word on whether or not the military ie. DHS, ATF, FBI, etc. were present before hand or afterwards to investigate. This capitalistic brothel is scheduled to reopen December twenty seven two thousand fifteen.