Stan Meyer – Is Free Energy Not Just a Theory But a Possibility?

The video documentary Equinox it Runs on Water in which zero point energy is investigated including more evidence that a mysterious compound known as water may hold some solutions to a modern world’s clean energy needs through independently produced inventions such as those of James Patterson and an allegedly mysteriously murdered Stan Meyer. Stan Meyer allegedly built a water fueled car. Basically, this vehicle used hydrogen to power itself.

There has been much speculation since his death on March 21, 1998. Allegedly, he finished attending a NATO lunch meeting, when he died of poisoned cranberry juice. His death certificate claims he died of a Rupture of a Cerebral Artery Aneurysm.

Stan Meyer claimed he built a pure water car with a water tank that even used recycled emitted water. There are other types of hydrogen powered cars. One type of car does not efficiently use water and thus you must add water to a tank periodically.

Allegedly, you can buy small hydrogen kits and install them on automobiles that are powered with gasoline. These kits split hydrogen molecules from water and then pushed into a combustion chamber. Hydrogen is allegedly more combustible, less corrosive to stainless steel engine blocks, and provides better fuel efficiency to a gas powered vehicle.

Basically, with a hydrogen kit, your automobile will have more horse power, cleaner emissions, and get better fuel efficiency. If an individual could literally power a vehicle with just water, think of some possible self sustaining ramifications. There are also debates of that term free energy.

Perhaps it literally means a cost would be so minimal that any person could power their own vehicle. Another definition is that literally with a free energy system, you can actually create a surplus of energy whereby you have a perpetual unlimited supply of “free” energy. Since I am not an expert in physics, I cannot claim that I know for a fact that free energy is possible.