Sofya Tsygankova – Daughters Met Demise & Not Fit to Stand Trial

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. This time Sofya Tsygankova caused both of her daughters to meet their demise. However, she faced two charges of capital murder.

Her husband Vadym Kholodenko found both his five year old and one year old daughters dead in their bedroom. This all transpired on March seventeen two thousand sixteen. A judge found her not mentally stable enough to appear in court.

She is currently being held on two million dollars bail at Tarrant County jail in Texas. A judge sentenced her to one hundred twenty days in a mental facility. However, she does not need to complete her stay until a bed becomes available.

This thirty one year old white girl filed a not guilty plea on March twenty third two thousand sixteen. She was found wearing a blood stained nightgown and kneeling on a floor. A bloody butcher knife was found on patio of this premise.

Blankets with blood were found in her Ford Focus. Other blood was found inside her vehicle. Her husband had scheduled with her to pick up their children around 9:20 AM and found both his daughters murdered a few minutes later.

A total of four blood covered knifes were found. Two knives, butcher knife, and a cleaver style knife. I was not able to obtain a free arrest affidavit for this incident. I found Sofya Tsygankova’s Arrest Warrant affidavit for your perusal.