Soap Lake – White Gestapo Police Caught Driving Unmarked Vehicles

Two white Soap Lake gestapo also known as police were caught white handed driving in vehicles not marked. It is illegal for police, in Washington state to drive in vehicles that are not parked as police cruisers when conducting police terrorism I mean police business. One officer of police terrorism is named Ryan Cox.

A white man named Gavin Seim video graphed this incident. He is a local activist in Soap Lake area whom has caught police in corrupt actions prior to this event. When he questioned one of these white police goons, he literally drove off.

Finally, Gavin confronted him at Soap Lake police terrorist headquarters. As is proverbial with police terrorists, he denied any wrong doing. At one point he wouldn’t let Gavin Seim into an office area claiming it was private.

This is ridiculous as police departments are public property paid for by public tax proceeds. Another white police gestapo pulled up at police headquarters in a vehicle not marked for police use. This video footage was uploaded to YouTube on July seventeen two thousand fifteen and has over eighty thousand views.

This incident actually transpired last year and a few months after this altercation, Soap Lake police started marking those vehicles. However, according to Gavin they are still illegal because lettering on the police vehicles does not contrast to make them easy to recognize. For now lettering on these vehicles is hard to see.

Towards an end of this video two younger white males confront him. Some people think they might be police informants, local drug informants, friends, or related to one of these police gestapo. One of these young white boys said “Fuck the Constitution” when Gavin Seim pointed out how corrupt America has become.