Slender Man – Two 13 Year Old Girls Tried as Adults in Stabbing

Two thirteen year old white girls, will become tried as adults, for allegedly murdering one of their friends, in two thousand fourteen. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier whom was twelve at time of this incident, lured a friend for a night time birthday party. These two from Wisconsin then stabbed this friend a total of nineteen times.

These two white girls then left their friend to die out in middle of a wooded area. Both of these clowns are charged with first degree intentional homicide. These two translucent face up to sixty five years in prison.

They both appeared at an arraignment hearing today, where charges were filed against them. As is per usual in a system of white terror, one of their attorney’s is requesting white girl Morgan Geyser receive a mental evaluation. These two white girls blamed this murder on a mythical character “Slender Man”.

Their victim actually survived and supposedly tracked down a bicyclist as they were bleeding profusely. Allegedly, Morgan Geyser admitted to this attempted murder but had no empathy or remorse for her victim. Translucent Morgan is quoted as telling a detective:

“it was weird that I didn’t feel remorse.”

Morgan Geyser lived at 1434 Big Bend Road, Unit K, in Waukesha, Wisconsin according to court records. A Waukesha County Judge by name of Michael Bohren ruled that she is not mentally competent enough to stand trial, perhaps because she has pale skin. Her partner in crime Anissa Weier was just twelve years old when she agreed to this attempted murder plot.

She along with Morgan are being held on five hundred thousand fake federal reserve notes bail. Anissa also blamed this savagery on a mythical “Slender Man” character. Neither of these two clowns had legal counsel present when they were interviewed by detectives.