Sherry Jackson – Real Victim of Racism White Supremacy Terrorism?

Breaking the Invisible Shackles of the IRS by Sherry Peel Jackson, a certified fraud examiner and ex IRS agent. She Challenges all citizens to demand answers from Congress about legality of Federal income taxes and the Federal Reserve. Sherry claims that as an ex IRS agent, she was never able to find anywhere in an official Internal Revenue Service code, where it made paying income tax mandatory.

She was charged in two thousand seven and sentenced to a misdemeanor willful failure to file a federal income tax return. She spent thirty six months overall in prison from two thousand eight to two thousand eleven. Also, she had home detention and probation after her prison release.

Was Sherry Peel Jackson a scapegoat after she started to expose a possible income tax fraud? There have been other tax protesters and whistle blowers ie. Joe Banister, Larken Rose, etc. whom have not been charged and or imprisoned for exposing a possible income tax fraud. Since Sherry Peel Jackson is a “black” female, was it perhaps racism as well?

You can listen to her talk about her “show me the law” campaign that landed her in prison on Youtube. It is interesting that Amendment sixteen of the United States CONstitution, allows the United States federal government to tax citizens income. The sixteenth amendment was ratified coincidentally in nineteen thirteen, a same year that a current federal reserve was conceived.

There have been many people that have claimed a sixteenth amendment was never properly ratified by two thirds vote by members of Congress and or two thirds vote by state legislatures. Another argument is that income tax is not CONstitutional to begin with. If you think that there is no Internal Revenue Service code requiring United States citizens to pay income tax, then you might want to check out Sherry Peel Jackson’s official blog.

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