Sacramento City College – Suspected Shooter Remains at Large

Another alleged shooting occurred today September third two thousand fifteen in one of white people’s white colonies AmeriKKKa. An alleged lone gunman shot three people near Sacramento City College around four PM local Pacific time. This alleged shooter is still at large.

A supposed lone wolf gunman fatally shot one person in a parking lot by baseball fields at Sacramento City College. This community college which brain white washes, I mean educates around twenty five thousand serfs, I mean citizens. Police terrorists placed this community college under “protective lockdown”.

This to me is a playbook move in a white colony. Police claim they are looking for two people even though they claim there was only one gun man. Los Rios Community College District Police Department reports that their suspects are black and hispanic.

Sacramento police terrorists are investigating this alleged homicide of one individual. Around 7:25 PM local Pacific time, these same terrorists gave an all clear signal. Classes had been cancelled, which perhaps saved some of these students from further government military brain white washing.

Rick Brewer a spokesman for Sacramento City College claims that an altercation broke out between two men, one of them being a suspected shooter. One individual allegedly had a semi-automatic handgun. Shots supposedly were fired and one victim met their demise.

Survivors supposedly are receiving communist style national expensive health care at University of California Davis Medical Center. One student was allegedly shot at 3800 block of Freeport Boulevard. Parts of Sutterville Road is closed, as other armed terrorists from Los Rios police department and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responded to this shooting incident.

Another report claims that a male pacific islander wearing cargo shorts and no shirt was their suspect. No names of victims have been released at time of this blog post creation. Also, an alleged suspect or suspects which have discrepancies has not been named either.