Ryazan – 1999 Attacks Perpetrated by Russian Government Military?

Assassination of Russia

A fifty two minute documentary, using footage originally shot by NTV. This film examines September explosions, and focuses on a foiled bombing in Ryazan on September twenty second, nineteen ninety nine. It puts a human face onto this tragedy, you will hear from those who were there, saw it, and lived through it.

This film vividly portrays inconsistencies in government officials’ reactions to Ryazan, and their later attempts to consistently blame some Chechens. Questions about some possible involvement of special services are raised.

Bloody September

In September of Nineteen ninety nine, a series of middle of night explosions shook Russian cities destroying several apartment blocks. More than three hundred people died as they slept. These attacks, attributed to some Chechen terrorists, boosted popularity of a hawkish would be President Vladimir Putin.

Then, a strange thing happened. A bomb was defused by some local police, a trail of evidence leading to a door of Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti, the Russian secret service. The Federal’naya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti was forced to admit “an ill-conceived exercise”.

Ever since, a question has lingered over Mr. Putin’s presidency: Who Done It? Why no one has been convicted of those September nineteen ninety nine attacks? Why was an investigation was suppressed?

Why have some witnesses disappeared? Why were some inquisitive journalists intimidated? Some critical television stations were also allegedly closed down due to talk that these events were possibly not perpetrated by Chechens.

Were nineteen ninety nine alleged Chechen attacks really Russian military events? Were these events so called inside job false flags, which were then blamed on Chechens? Several attacks that took place in late nineteen nineties have been suspiciously tied to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government military.

Do you think it is possible some nineteen ninety nine Ryazan attacks were acts perpetrated by Russian government military?