Rose Medical Center – in Denver Placed Under Lockdown

Another facility in AmeriKKKa placed under lockdown today September sixteen two thousand sixteen. This time Rose Medical Center, in Denver, Colorado, was placed under lockdown around 3 PM local Mountain time. Denver police gestapo are claiming an individual with a gun was seen near this hospital.

Other reports claim gun shots were heard. Julie Hogan a spokeswoman for Rose Medical Center claims nobody was hurt or shot. All traffic into this hospital has been diverted. Other reports claim that this is an active shooter incident.

However, Denver police gestapo has not confirmed that anyone has been shot. Also, no confirmations of even gun fire errupting. Denver police gestapo terrorists completed a walk through since 3 PM and found no evidence of any kind of a shooting incident.

All employees and patients in this hospital have been held captive er I mean sheltered in place. A white boy in his mid thirties weighing around one hundred thirty pounds, wearing a flannel shirt and hat is a possible suspect. Denver police gestapo claim first call of shots fired occurred around 4 PM.

Another hospital spokeswoman Deborah Pollhill claims this hospital has been placed under “code silver” which means active shooter to white people. Also, the Veterans Affairs building next to Rose Medical Center has been placed under lockdown. Another report claims this hospital campus was placed under lockdown at 4 PM local Mountain time instead of 3 PM.

Denver police gestapo are still pulling off this psyops I mean investigating this incident at time of this blog post creation. However, police gestapo did claim that multiple people called in to report shots being fired. Also, Denver police gestapo even searched rooftop of this hospital.