Rocky Allen – Surgical Tech Faces Federal Indictment Charges

A twenty eight year old white boy is facing two Federal indictment charges as a surgical technician. He faces one charge of tampering with a consumer product and one charge of obtaining a controlled substance by deceit. He faces a maximum of fourteen years in federal prison and five hundred thousand dollars in fines if convicted for both charges.

Rocky worked for a total of five hospitals in his illustrious career as a drug addict and ex military terrorist. One hospital, Swedish Medical in Denver, Colorado, claims he stole a syringe of Fentanyl and replaced it with another syringe with another substance. He was fired from four previous hospitals before this latest incident.

Also, while this white military terrorist was deployed in Afghanistan for the United States Navy, he was court martialed for stealing Fentanyl. Another hospital found him passed out on a floor and he passed a drug test for Fentanyl. Another hospital caught him swapping a Fentanyl syringe with a saline syringe.

One of these hospitals notified the Federal Drug Enforcement agency. However, this white clown kept getting hired at different hospitals in four states. The Drug Enforcement Agency does not take names in drug theft cases at hospitals.

Also, hospitals in America are not required to notify local law goons in drug theft cases. Around three thousand Swedish Medical Center patients are being tested for HIV, hepatitis B and C. This white boy has been tested positive for a blood borne pathogen.

Rocky was able to obtain employment by omitting prior employment at hospitals he was fired from. Also, he did not include his court martial while in the Navy. Seattle’s Northwest Hospital and Medical center has notified around thirteen hundred patients requesting they test for HIV, hepatitis B and C. This white boy may have exposed patients at multiple hospitals with viruses.