Robert Neil Thompson – Berates and Calls Brandon Levston N Word

Another white Al Qaeda member in the system of white terrorism. This time white boy Robert Neil Thompson, a Donald “Chump” Trump supporter claims a person with color got into a vehicular altercation with him. Robert followed Brandon to a Starbucks and walked up to his vehicle and is quoted verbatim:

“Trump! Because, hey check this out. Check it out, because I got you. Black Lives don’t matter, there ain’t no proof.

Just because you say something don’t mean nothing. That makes you a nigger. That proves, check it out, that proves that black lives don’t matter.”

This white boy is aged thirty two and married to a twenty seven year old white girl named Courtney Hopper Thompson. Robert allegedly works for:

Hopper Roofing and Home Repair
2737 Green Hollow Lane
Memphis, Tennessee 38133

Robert lied and claimed that he did not use social media, but I was able to pull up his deleted Twitter account via google cache. Also, he has since deleted two FaceBook accounts. He claimed he was banned from FaceBook.

Perhaps he deleted both his first and second FaceBook accounts. His white girl wife supposedly works at a local Memphis Tennessee Hooter’s. They have one child together.

I was able to possibly verify his voter registration record for Shelby County Tennessee. According to his Twitter account he lives in Memphis, Tennessee. However, there was no activity on this account since 2012. Robert has allegeldy filed a police report against Brandon since this incident transpired.